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The young man named Gnill Opral was born on the planet Hajor. Before his birth his parents were exposed to radiation while fighting a space squid, he was born a mutant with an oversized brain and psychokinetic abilities. When he was still a teenager he applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes taking the name "Kid Psycho". However to his dismay he was rejected because the use of his powers shortens his life expectancy by one year. However Gnill decided to attempt to go into the 20th century Smallville with his powers and contact Superboy. Impressed with his abilities Superboy and Kid Psycho traveled back to the 30th century to convince the Legion to induct him as a reserve member, given the title of top secret weapon.

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While Kid Psycho was occasionally present for Legion wedding ceremonies and anniversary celebrations he was only called into duty during the first Crisis of Infinite Earths. While protecting people in London from a series of natural disasters, he was vaporized by a wave of anti-matter created by the Anti-Monitor, who was attempting to destroy the Multiverse. Although he is occasionally mentioned he is soon erased from Legion continuity.

Five years later: Kid Psycho 2

In the reality from Five years later, a second Kid Psycho was source of trouble for the Legionnaires team from New Earth. When accidently Livewire hit him with his lightning, a young kid from the Acapulco Dome named Mayf released his psychic energies, trapping several legionnaires in their worst fears. Lead by Saturn Girl, a second team enter in the maelstrom to heal the damaged mind of the young boy and rescue their teammates.


Kid Psycho was a mutant who had Psychokinetic powers and was able to project impenetrable force screens with this mind. However the use of which shortens his life expectancy by one year.

The origins of the power of the second Kid Psycho were unknown but he could trap people in realistic illusions and proyec psychic blasts of energy than could kill a person.


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