Kid Marvelman

    Character » Kid Marvelman appears in 87 issues.

    Kid Miracleman is the alter-ego of the orphan boy Johnny Bates. Though he was once Miracleman's loyal sidekick, over time he became a sadistic and violent sociopath, and his mentor's greatest enemy.

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    John Bates is the orphaned child of deceased Air Force personnel, and like Mike Moran, he was in a experiment that saw the creation of him, Miracleman, Young Miracleman and Miraclewoman along with their nemesis Young Nastyman by Dr. Gargunza. His powers was the ability to change places in space and time with a super powered cellular replicate, Kid Miracleman, through the use of the magic word, "Miracleman." Whenever he says his word his normal body is placed in limbo in a realm that apparently doesn’t age him no matter how long he is in there.

    Johnny Bates like his fellow test subjects was put through the dream tests based on the adventures of the Marvel Family. When Miraclewoman and Young Nastyman escaped their virtual simulations and seemingly killed each other, it was decided to end the experiment and the remaining subjects were supposedly destroyed in an explosion but apparently Miracleman and Kid Miracleman survived. With no authority figure to keep him in place, Kid Miracleman took on Johnny Bates’ identity and, aged to an adult version of Kid Miracleman, he also gained more power and became a corporate tycoon. Apparently he also slowly went insane.

    When Mike Moran rediscovered his superpowers, Kid Miracleman saw him as a threat and targeted him and his wife. Revealing his sinister nature, he killed his own assistant as a sign of what he would do to Miracleman’s wife Liz. He easily defeated Miracleman due to how experienced he became with his powers. He almost killed Miracleman until he said his name by accident in battle and transformed back into his Johnny Bates identity, a tearful and regretful thirteen year old. Johnny was placed under mental observation but no therapy could relieve the depraved ranting of Kid Miracleman in Johnny’s head, who pressured him into using his powers.

    Johnny thought if he was with other people it would drown out Kid Miracleman. Johnny was left in an orphanage but was humiliated and picked on by other kids. When bigger kids began molesting Johnny, he said Miracleman’s name. He became Kid Miracleman and began to kill the other kids and the whole orphanage. Kid Miracleman then went into a super powered killing spree all over London, destroying it and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children to call Miracleman out.

    Miracleman returned to London along with Miraclewoman as well as the alien warriors, The Warpsmiths, and the newly created Firedrake . All saw the destruction Kid Miracleman did and attempted to stop him but still could not bring him down. Kid Miracleman was able to beat all his opponents, right before he killed a Warpsmith who severely injured Kid Miracleman by teleporting a piece of shrapnel in Kid Miracleman’s eye. Struck with a metal beam in his chest and in absolute pain, Kid Miracleman said Miracleman’s name and transformed back into Johnny Bates who was terrified and disturbed at what Kid Miracleman had done.

    Johnny cries to Miracleman over his actions but Miracleman tells him he knows how to stop Kid Miracleman altogether. He thanks Miracleman who tells him it will be okay. Miracleman then crushes Johnny’s head exploding it and killing him. Miracleman lets out a scream at his actions and held him for hours. London apparently was never rebuilt and all the bodies of Kid Miracleman’s victims have since become skeletons. It is often visited by the friends and families of the victims. Kid Miracleman’s actions still haunt Miracleman as well as Johnny’s death.


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