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    A talented young artist who is obsessed with monsters. He is an Inhuman whose powers are summoning monsters to him.

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    Kei Kawade was the son of an American mother and an Asian-American father. He lived a relatively normal life until the Terrigen-Cloud drifted over his town. It was then revealed that he was an Inhuman and gained the power to bring anything he drew to life. Kei, being a creative kid whom loved to draw (especially monsters), soon got himself into trouble because the monsters he drew, where transported to his location.


    Kid Kaiju was created by Cullen Bunn and Terry Dodson, first appeared (unnamed) in The Totally Awesome Hulk issue 3 (2016) and first appeared fully and named in Monsters Unleashed! Volume 1 issue 1 (2017).

    Major Story Arcs

    Monsters Unleashed!

    Even after Kei found out about his powers, he lived a relatively normal life. This all changed when a group of monsters known as the Levethians landed on Earth and started destroying everything in sight. The heroes of the Marvel Universe fought against them, but fought a losing battle.

    It was then that monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone found out about Kei's power and connection to monsters. Elsa brought the young boy towards the Marvel heroes, and explained the powers Kei had. Kei then helped them in their fight against the monsters by drawing up famous Marvel Monsters whom would fight for Earth.

    Powers & Abilities

    Nuhuman Physiology

    When the Terrigen Cloud Black Bolt released spread all across the world reached him, Kei was revealed to be a human being of Inhuman decent. Thus giving him odd supernatural powers that come with the empowering agent.

    Monster Summoning: Kid Kaiju's main power is the ability to summon monsters by drawing them on his sketch pad. Potentially he can call others alongside them as he'd done with Moongirl when he called Devil Dinosaur. He has no control over the creatures called so he has to be careful of who and what it is that he's conjuring.

    Monster Communication: Kei can speak with just about any kind of monster he comes in contact with, even ones whom he's still drawing up.

    Monster Creation: What was unknown before until his final bout with the Leviathon Mother, was that Kid Kaiju not only summoned creatures from across the universe and back. But fabricate creatures of his own design and materialize them after drumming them up, but he shares a psycho empathic connection with his creations. Whenever they die the backlash from which strikes at him; as if he's feeling their pain.

    Monster Fusion: Another special quality of his designed beasties is that he can draw them into one being with all the combined attributes of his previous creatures. Even going so far as to merge himself into it as a type of pilot who guides its actions from within.

    Armament Fabrication: For his mega monster Kei can also conjure weapons for its personal use.

    Ability Creation: Kei can potentially give his own creations special powers and techniques which they can utilize in their arsenal. Being able to bestow these abilities on the fly while using their Smasher form as he fought the Leviathon Mother.

    Belief Empowerment: Kei's creations are bolstered by the amount of confidence he has both in himself and them. If his heart is strong with resolution they become more powerful with time and pace, but at the same time; if he is crippled by fear or self-doubt they begin to weaken. Losing their strength and effectiveness while in battle.

    Dimensional Clairvoyance: One of the traits of Kid Kaiju's summoning abilities stems from his being able to see beyond the boundary that separates other realities from his own universe. It is part of how he's able to call on his monsters to aid him in battle, first learning he could do so when a Poison doppelganger of Fin Fang Foom tried using his psychic abilities to draw himself and his hive into Kei's branch of existence. He has yet to properly control this aspect of his abilities however, usually only occurring when he sleeps and dreams or is day dreaming while in a haze.


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