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    Son of Gladiator. Sent to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning after destroying half the royal city. His father Gladiator has currently taken him out of the school after a devastating battle with the Phoenix Five. He is now returning to Chandilar.

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    After the events of Schism, Kid Gladiator was sent to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning by his father, the original Gladiator. He was accompanied by Warbird, a Shi'ar bodyguard. After his arrival, the school was attacked by the newly reformed Hellfire Club. Kid Gladiator and Warbird were among those who took part in the battle to protect the school.


    Kid Gladiator is a Marvel comics character created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo. Kid Gladiator first appears in Wolverine and the X-Men #1 released in 2011 and has already gone on to become a mainstay character of the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Kid Gladiator borrows much from his fictional father in terms of visual identity, even sporting a mohawk hairstyle, albeit the characters overall much more immature as per his youth and lack of experience.

    Major Story Arcs

    Jean Grey School

    When preparing for the an imminent attack from the mutant Exodus, Rogue borrows Kid Gladiator's powers to help her narrowly win the fight.

    When Kitty Pryde becomes host to an infestation of microscopic Brood, Kid Gladiator uses Beast's shrinking technology to enter into her body in order to fight off the invaders. Subsequently, a group of teachers, led by Beast, are sent to retrieve him. However, by this stage Kid Gladiator has been transformed into one of the brood. After Kitty is saved, Abigail Brand of SWORD helps to return him to his normal state.

    Avengers Vs. X-Men

    Kid Gladiator was being visited by his father Gladiator while the Phoenix Five descended upon the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Kid Gladiator himself was not apart of the fight to defend the school although he wanted to fight by his fathers side. His father commanded Warbird to keep Kubark safe and out of harms way. Gladiator fought to protect his son most of all. Kid Gladiator could only look on in anger as Cyclops, Namor and Colossus beat his father to a deathly brink.

    Later in recovery Gladiator tells his son they were leaving Earth and the school forever. Kubark protested that him and his father shouldn't run from the Phoenix fight. However Gladiator responded that it is Earth's problem, that he should obey his father and emperor and that his only concern was Kubarks safety. Warbird tried to comfort Kubark but to no avail and told him to "best say your goodbyes." Using his X-Ray vision Kid Gladiator looks through another room to see his classmates and utters a quiet, sorrowful goodbye. He is last seen on the Shi'Ar Cruiser in outer space looking down at the earth one last time.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kid Gladiator possesses the same powers as his father, Gladiator. It is unknown whether or not he also possesses the same longevity of life as it appears that he is not full Strontian. Powers include:

    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
    • Stamina
    • Invulnerability
    • Flight
    • Heat Vision
    • Microscopic Vision
    • X-Ray vision
    • Ice Breath



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