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    One of Marvel's greatest western crimefighters, as well as the star of America's longest-running Cowboy comic book.

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    A Gunslinger is born
    A Gunslinger is born

    Kid Colt was a nickname for Blaine Colt, a cowboy who was renowned for his quick draw and temper. He lived a relatively easy and peaceful life until his father was murdered by bandits. Colt was furious and devastated with grief over his father's murder and sought to find those responsible. When he finally found the murders, he challenged them to a gunfight. Kid Colt won and killed his father's killers. However, he was wrongly accused of murder when he did this, even though it was a fair gunfight (which was not illegal in the Wild West during this period). He was branded an "Outlaw" and got a price on his head. From that point on, Colt was on the run for the law wherever he went. He traveled to many places in the West, trying to do what was right in fighting crime, and striving to stay out of the long arms of the law.

    Character Creation

    Kid Colt and his horse Steel where created by Pete Tumlinson and first appeared in Kid Colt: Hero Of The West #1 (from august 1948), published by Marvel's predecessor Timely Comics. He is the longest-running cowboy star in American comic-book publishing, featured in stories for a 31-year stretch from 1948-1979, though from 1966 most of the published stories were reprints.

    Major Story Arcs


    During his travels, Kid Colt had incredible adventures and made many friends in the process. His reputation started to grow, and he even teamed up with many other famous heroes of the West. A few of these where the Two-Gun Kid, the famous Rawhide Kid (who met each other first as advisories), Arizona Annie (a girl whom he was romantically involved with, and whom sometimes traveled by his side), Night Rider (also known as Phantom Rider) and Ringo Kid. Although Cold remained close friends to most of these people, his methods stood out among the others as a bid more daring or even more violent. Because of this he always remained sort of an outsider to the other famous gunslingers of the time and he mostly went on adventure solo. During his Out-Law days, Kid Colt also faced many advisories. In his early days as a gunslinger, it where mostly bandits or murderers he faced. But as his reputation grew, stranger and more fantastic enemy's became part of his rogue-gallery, such as the Iron Mask, a man wrapped in Iron. Colt also remained a loner in his love-life, but did have a sometimes on, sometimes off relationship with Arizona Annie, a female adventurer with a similar attitude.

    Meeting the Future

    At a certain point, Kid Colt became part of a time-war. A time-traveling villain and enemy to the modern-day superhero team the Avengers, named Kang returned to the past of the Wild West, in order to defeat the Mighty Avengers. Kid Colt and his fellow however found out about this, and when the Avengers followed Kang back in time, the gunslingers teamed-up with the Avengers and defeated the villain. The day was saved, but Colt's sometimes gunslinger team-mate, the Two-Gun Kid, chose to travel back to the future with the Avengers.

    Blaze of Glory

    Kid Colt during his final days
    Kid Colt during his final days

    An old friend of Kid Colt and the Rawhide Kid named Reno Jones enlisted his help along with other western legends to help protect his town called Wonderment in Montana against a band of mercenaries known as the Nightriders. This was a gang of racist cowboys whom threatened to kill everyone in town. Soon Kid Colt was back together again with other famous teammates such as the Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Ringo Kid and the Phantom Rider. The joined forces in hopes of bringing the evil and racist Nightriders to justice and to save the people of Wonderment. However, to many of his teammates, Kid Colt's attitude had become a serious problem. He had become more brutal then ever before, even shooting an enemy in the back. The gunslingers waited for the arrival of the Nightriders in the town of Wonderment. There, a brutal battle erupted in witch the gunslingers managed to defeat the Nightriders. It however came with a high price; Kid Colt and his friend the Two-Gun Kid died heroically in battle. Rawhide Kid was devastated with the loss of his close allies and friends. He honored his friends with the vow to bring justice to the West for the rest of his life.

    SKAAR and the Savage Land

    It appears that Kid Colt is back, alive and well in this time and age, when he encountered Skaar, Son of Hulk. Whether this is the real Kid Colt or a pretender remains to be seen.

    Hulk Agent of T.I.M.E.

    Some months later, Kid Colt was seen again when the Hulk time-traveled through dimensions and caught up with the Western heroes. It is unknown at what time-period this visit happened, but most likely before the events of Blaze of Glory

    Other Versions

    Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven

    Kid Colt, a notorious philanderer, was recruited by the Rawhide Kid to rescue the Earp brothers from Cristo Pike. Although his ultimate motives appeared to be getting with Annie Oakley, despite being aware she was with Doc Holliday, he came through for his fellows and helped them to defeat Cristo Pike and his comancheros. He was known to his fellow riders for being prone to exaggeration, especially self-aggrandizing, when telling stories about his past exploits.

    Marvel Zombies 5

    On Earth-438 Kid Colt was a "Gen-u-ine" outlaw who was gunned down. His body was left on display in the town of Rango until he came back from the dead as a zombie. He notable kills and eats Arno Stark before he shot in the head by Hurricane.


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