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    Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin Jr. is the son of the X-man known as Colossus.

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    When X-man Colossus was on a mission with the X-men in the Savage Land, he became romantically involved with a native women from the Savage Land, named Nereel. Nereel was Colossus' first girlfriend. After Colossus left the Savage land, he didn't see Nereel for quite sometime, but it would later seem that their first romantic encounter had made an offspring.


    Perer Rasputin Jr. was created by Chris Claremont and Art Adams and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Annual 12 (1988).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting his Father?

    Colossus and Nereel would not see eachother again until another mission brought the X-men back to the Savage Land and reunited Colossus with Nereel. She hadn't forgotten Colossus and introduced him to her son whom, unbeknownst to Peter, was also named Peter. This was noticed when Nereel called out to Peter, and both Colossus and the young boy awnsered the call. Although it is never actually proven, it was hinted that Peter Jr. was the child that came from the relationship that Colossus had with Nereel, thus making him the father.


    None yet, but in the future time-line from X-men: The End mini-series (Earth- 41001), he is shown to have the same powers as Colossus.


    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6‘3“ human form), 7‘4“ (in armored form)

    Weight: 240 lbs. (human form), 450 lbs. (in armored form)

    Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

    Citizenship: Savage land

    Place of Birth: unknown

    Occupation: Adventurer

    Known Relatives:

    Grigori Rasputin (possible great great grandfather, deceased), Nikolai Rasputin ( possible grandfather, deceased), Alexandra Rasputin (possible grandmother, deceased),

    Vladimir Rasputin (possible granduncle, deceased), Mikhail Rasputin (possible uncle), Illyana Nikolaievna Rasputin (Magik) (possible aunt),

    Nereel (mother), Piotr Rasputin/ Colossus (possible father), Anya Rasputin (possible {alternate reality} step-sister)

    Shadowcat (possible {alternate reality} step-mother)

    Pavel Rasputin (son)


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