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The Atomic County

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Ryan is the bravest and heroic of the team. He can transform his fists into an indestructible metal alloy.   Ryan has a romantic interest on Marissa; the episode 5 is basically Kid Chino’s adventures with The Ironist. In the 6 episode his brother was robbing old women and the police and the members on the team believed that it was him. In the episode named “The abs to Kill” (episode 10), Cosmolass (Marissa) kisses for the first time Kid Chino.

The O.C.

Ryan Atwood was living in Chino and then he moved to Newport and become friends with

Summer Roberts, Seth Cohen and being on-again and off-again relationship with Marissa Cooper. His mother is Dawn Atwood and his brother is Trey Atwood now he lives with Sandy, Kirsten and Seth Cohen.

Season 1

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Ryan Atwood was a teenager living in Chino but when he was caught stealing a car with his brother. Ryan was abandoned by his mother and Sandy (Ryan’s attorney) adopted him, with some initial objections from Kirsten Cohen.

Ryan has been living in Newport Beach. He has become a brother to Sandy’s son, Seth Cohen. Ryan developed a romantic attraction with the girl next door (Marissa), but her mother doesn’t approve.

Ryan was always fighting with Luke Ward but they become to be friends.

Season 2

Ryan had a relationship with Lindsay Gardner, (Kirsten Cohen's illegitimate half-sister) after those events Lindsay moved to Chicago with her mother and Ryan reunited with Marissa.

Season 3

Ryan and Marissa after they being involved in Trey’s Atwood coma, they were expelled from their High School. And Marissa

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ended up going to a public high school and Ryan returns to Harbor School after the new dean being blackmailed by Taylor Townsend.

Marissa eventually returned to Harbor School and she made new friends, Johnny Harper was one of them and he fell in love with her. Ryan and Marissa broke up and Ryan started dating Sadie Campbell. Ryan is admitted for University of California, Berkeley. And in the graduation night Marissa tells him that she was leaving Newport to Greece and Ryan wanted to drive her to the airport but Kevin Volchock, appears to talk with Marissa and they have a terrible car accident and she dies.

Season 4

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After Marissa died, Ryan left his house and he wanted to find Volchock to revenge on him. Ryan returned to the Cohen’s house and he found a job.

Taylor’s ex-husband returned and Ryan starts to compete with him and in the end wins Taylor's heart.

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