Kid Briton

    Character » Kid Briton appears in 35 issues.

    Kid Briton is a student of the Braddock Academy trapped in Arcade's Murderworld.

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    Kid Briton is a teenaged alternate universe version of the British superhero Captain Britain and a member of the Braddock Academy. He was, along with several other teenage heroes, trapped in Arcade's Murderworld where it is revealed that he is dating Apex, a fellow prisoner of Murderworld and student at Braddock Academy. Apex makes it very clear that she doubts Kid Briton's ability to kill anyone, even in a life or death situation. Prior to Murderworld it was revealed he was cheating on Apex with Nara, a fellow student of the Braddock Academy who was taken to Murderworld. The affair was seen by Anachronism, causing Kid Briton to beat him in order to ensure he did not reveal this to Apex.


    Kid Briton was created by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Kev Walker, making his debut in Avengers Arena #1.


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