Kid Amazo

    Character » Kid Amazo appears in 19 issues.

    The scientifically created, mostly human son of Amazo, with the powers and personalities of the Justice League of America.

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    Frank Halloran was a philosophy major at Berkeley. He had a hot Jewish girlfriend Sara Shapiro and he is having trouble figuring out the direction of his life.

    Reggie Meyer is a survivor of the Amazo Virus and the Rebirth Kid Amazo. He was beckoned to by the technology within the original android and constructed armor which enhances his powers based on it.


    Kid Amazo was created by Peter Milligan and Carlos D'Anda

    Character Evolution

    Kid Amazo (Frank Halloran)
    Kid Amazo (Frank Halloran)

    Then Amazo crashed into Frank's life and told him he was Kid Amazo, and he was programed to help his father destroy the Justice League Of America. Frank was told that Professor Ivo, the evil genius creator of the original Amazo, crossed bio-matter from Amazo with human eggs and DNA to create Kid Amazo. When he confronted Ivo about his past, Ivo revealed that Sara was his daughter, and she was Frank's biological mother.

    Angrily, Kid Amazo attacked Berkly until the JLA showed up. He then proceeded to dismantle the team, out-running the Flash, running through John Stewart, dropping Wonder Woman, and beating Superman with Batman's Kryptonite ring. In the end, the Kid was only beaten by the many conflicting, skeptical personalities of the JLA bouncing in his head, which shorted him out and caused him to explode.

    Powers & Abilities

    Siphon Abilities

    Absorption cells - He has the ability to replicate other abilities of super heroes or villains in his vicinity.

    Power Amplification - He can amplify the powers that he absorbs.

    Psyche Absorption-He can Absorb the Psyche/Personality of other Metahumans in his Vicinity.

    Other Versions


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    Reggie was a relative of a family both cured and empowered by The Amazo Virus. They went about their day to day lives protecting their small hometown in Providence, Rhode Island as its own superhero team. Reggie however was more inclined to being a bully than he ever was a good samaritan however and his particular household was prone to infighting even before they all got a hold of superpowers.

    Sometime later, Superboy and Robin arrive at the warehouse where Reggie was keeping his family hostage to investigate missing LexCorp technology that Reggie had stolen.

    Powers & Abilities

    Amazo Virus Upgrade

    Bio-fission: Reggie can duplicate himself into a finite number of replica's who all share a hive mind, enabling them to compile and ascertain any information through received experience.

    • Collective Strength: Both he and his clones gain multiplied strength dependent on their dupe numbers.
    • Collective Intelligence: Kid Amazo would cleave his own mind, imparting some of it onto his carbon copy's. This retroactively augmented their group IQ giving them a shared genius mind.

    Amazo Armor

    After stealing parts of technology from the original android and splicing them together, Reggie managed to repurpose it constructing the Amazo Armor. The suit directly interfaces with the virus in his blood greatly amplifying his infection given abilities.

    • Nemesis Cloning: While adorning the armor, Reggie can create biomechanical android duplicates of anyone whom he sets his power on. All of their skills, abilities, persona and special powers can be emulated through this unique process.
    • Duplicate Siphon: Kid Amazo can reabsorb his mimic body doubles in order to acquire their powers or skills. Depending on the number of clones he's made for his army, he can multiply the effective strength of any natural skills they possess.

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