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Not much is known of the mysterious Kickpuncher, simply that he is a cyborg with a powerful punch.


Drawn by Jim Mahfood. Writing credit is given to Troy Barnes, a fictional character from the TV show. It's actually the writing of show creator Dan Harmon.

Major Story Arcs

Cyborg Camel?
Cyborg Camel?

When Annie and Britta are abducted by the Snake Men from their community college, Kickpuncher is summoned by the pressing of a red button in the dean's office. Ever seeking justice, Kickpuncher follows the Snake Men to Cairo, Egypt, where he inexplicably has a cyborg camel waiting for he, Troy, and Abed. Finding the Snake Men he efficiently cleans shop. His work done, Kickpuncher disappears to help where injustice lingers.

Powers and Abilities

His punch is as powerful as a kick.

Other Media


Kickpuncher is actually conceived in the NBC show "Community." The character is from a fake movie that Troy and Abed watch to make fun of. There is also a fake sequel. Troy then makes this comic book based on the movie character and his friends from his study group. At the end of the episode, Troy and Abed act out their own movie of Kickpuncher.


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