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Kickback was a mercenary working for the Corporation and hired by Hardcore with Tombstone and Nitro to capture Dakota North. Hardcore wanted information about Cage's past and knew Dakota knew what he wanted. 
Kickback, Tombstone, and Nitro went to capture North after there first attempt failed because she wasn't where they thought she'd be. As Nitro and Tombstone fought Cage and the Punisher, Kickback grabbed Dakota and shifted in time, saving her from Nitro's explosion. He then shifted back in time to stop Nitro and the Punisher from killing each other. 
When they went to Harcore to hand her over to him, he felt guilty and tried to help her escape. Hardcore had anticipated this, stopped the escape attempt, and told Kickback he was chosen because he knew Kickback would make sure Dakota would be unharmed. Hardcore and Kickback agreed that Kickback could take her to safety after Hardcore got the information he wanted from her. 
Kickback tried to keep Cage and  the Punisher from interfering, but when he heard a gunshot, he assumed Hardcore had betrayed him and shot Dakota North. He shifted back in time to prevent the shooting, but arrived to find Dakota in a room by herself. Seeing Kickback, Dakota shot him. He ran from her and into the Punisher's gunfire. 
Dr. Karl Malus later revealed Kickback had indeed been killed.


Kickback was created by Marcus McLaurin and Dwayne Turner in 1992 and first appeared in Cage # 2.

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