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    A drug that enhances the powers and abilities of mutants.

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    Kick (Hypercortisone-D) is a drug composed of a concentrated dose of the Sublime bacteria in aerosol form. Sublime is a sentient bacteria that is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. The use of Kick enhances powers and abilities in mutants, and can lead to the user's body being taken over by the bacteria which then controls the host.


    The most common delivery method for Kick is inhalation of the drug in aerosol form. Kick is known to be highly addictive. The means for addiction are most likely linked with the sublime bacteria in Kick, which is known for its behavior altering effects and even possession in large enough doses. Some psychological addiction may also be taking place due to the desire of the drug's power enhancing effects.

    Kick Incidents

    • The Riot at Xavier's was caused by several student members of the Omega Gang who were possessed by the sublime bacteria.
    • Here Comes Tomorrow, is an alternate future caused, in part, by Beast's abuse of the drug kick and as a result his possession by the Sublime bacteria.

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