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Kick Ass = Awesomeness!

I was one of the few people lucky enough to be able to see the pre-screening of Kick Ass on the 29th of March. So does this movie truly kick ass , my opinion yes this movie definitely kicks ass. First off the cast is excellent. The best of them all was Aaron Johnson as Kick Ass himself and Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. These two really did a great job of their characters and made them very enjoyable to watch that being said Nicolas Cage was ok as Big Daddy and certainly gave a new look to the character but I for one found his performance as Big Daddy a little disturbing. If you were a big fan of the comic chances are you are pretty much gonna like this, I mean yes I picked up the fact that they changed a few things in the story but they did a great job of translating the overall tone of the comic to this movie. The story plays out really well and reminds me of a more realistic , more violent , more funny version of Spiderman. Kick Ass has a really simple idea , but makes it really genuine and I found it to be a lot more different than anything I have seen. Overall I thought this movie was really great, different , funny , entertaining , and well done and if you have read the comic go and see it and if you havent chances are you will still like it. I give Kick Ass a 4.5 out of 5.

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