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Truly KICK ASS!!!

  By The Angry Comic Book Critic         
           The title says it all this film truly is Kick Ass it is probably the greatest Superhero film I've seen since The Dark Knight I mean it has everything from over the top action to a little girl killing the living shit out of every sterotypical Italian mobster there is and it is funny as hell.Now I'm not to ashamed to say if the Actress who plays Hit girl could fight like that in real she would kick the living shit out of me as well and probably wear my nuts as a necklace because in this she was like...damn I mean she cuts a guy's leg off crushes a man in a car compacter and mercilessy guns down like 20 some odd henchmen that little girl is badass. Big Daddy played by none other then Nicolas Cage who truly redeems himself after that piece of shit ghost rider he really made the role his own it was like watching the Adam West Batman all over know if he brutally murdered every member of his rogues gallery, because this guy killed the fuck out of everyone Sniper Rifles,Glocks, Shotguns, Knives, Grenades this guy packed more heat then the Punisher now even though his origin is tweeked a little in the movie making him a cop who was framed instead of an accountant it all worked out nicely.Now no super hero film is complete without a villain Batman had the Joker,Superman had Lex Luthor and Big Dad-I mean Kick Ass had Mark Strong...yes the guy who played lord blackwood from Sherlock Holmes he starts off as kind of a comical villain but quickly grows more and more evil and I'm thinking to the point of this guy couldn't be any worse if he turned red grew horns and grabbed a pitch fork.Now where would this film have been without it's titled Hero Kick Ass? Any where he really didn't matter so much to me as a character not to say the Actor who plays him didn't do an astounding job portraying him it's just he was only really used as a way to progress the film not so much as an important character it really more focused on Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.Kickass was more of just a backgound character but I have to give him props for banging the hot chick as well as using probably the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life a Jet pack...Not just any Jet Pack. A working one with Fucking Mini Guns it was just unbearably cool and I not to ashamed to say if I could buy one I'd be the best 300,000 dollars I've ever spent I mean it was just so friggin sweet.            
         Also I gotta admit Kick Ass had some balls I mean he's actually going up against the mob and he fights about as well as drunk grandma and I don't know if it's stupidity or bravery on his part but it defiantly shows ballsment ship and for that he wins the award for badass of the week but outside of that this guy is one pathetic superhero I mean he walks the streets has no martial arts skills his equipment until he gets the jet pack sucks and he uses the front door goddamn it's like he has a death wish or something I'm betting he's the kind of guy who would ring the doorbell at a meth lab then say "police I'm coming in" and I'm pretty sure we can all guess how that would turn out.Oh and how could I forget Red Mist played by none other then Mcloven from Superbad now Kickass my be a lame duck of a hero but at least he's smart enough to keep his head clear when going into danger this guy actually lights up a joint in the middle of fighting crime this guy I would give him a week at the most before getting killed because he thought a bullet was a rainbow.
          I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this gets the Stamp of approval.
Kick Ass

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