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Kick Ass = Awesomeness! 2

I was one of the few people lucky enough to be able to see the pre-screening of Kick Ass on the 29th of March. So does this movie truly kick ass , my opinion yes this movie definitely kicks ass. First off the cast is excellent. The best of them all was Aaron Johnson as Kick Ass himself and Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. These two really did a great job of their characters and made them very enjoyable to watch that being said Nicolas Cage was ok as Big Daddy and certainly gave a new look to the charac...

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It's got a few problems but we love it for them 2

 Let me start off with saying that I have never read the comic book of Kick-Ass. I've never been inclined to read much of writer Millar's work and sometimes Romita, Jr.'s art just doesn't do it for me. So I kind of had the benefit of going into this with "clean" eyes, looking at the film just as a film, and disregarding whether or not it is a "good" adaptation.From a non-comic book point of view, this is a decent film. The first half in particular had just the right amount of humour, and the wri...

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Simply not good. 2

My film-dar has vanished this year, normally I am pretty good at calling whether or not a film is going to suck or rock, sometimes of course I am pleasantly surprised but most of the time I get it on the nose. This year my judgements have been totally off, completely vanished even, were I thought Alice in Wonderland would be another Tim Burton flop it was a winner and where I thought Kick-Ass would be a wonderful cult romp it fell on its well.. Ass.From the moment that we were introduced to the ...

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A review on spanish 2

Sorry about being on spanish but I wrote it on my tumblr page so heres the review: Kick Ass esta brutal se acabo el review… Aun así debo de escribirle de lo que es la película. Basada en el comic del mismo nombre, trae la primicia de un joven, que según el su único poder es ser invisible a las chicas, que se mete a vigilante (son superhéroes sin poderes) y se vuelve famoso. Mientras en el camino Kick-Ass conoce a Big Daddy, Hit Girl y a Red Mist en lo que se vuelve en una lucha contra la mafia. ...

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Kick-ass? hmmm... 0

I expected a lot different of a plot to begin with and way less action, which led to me adding this movie to my top 3 of the year. So in the end does this movie kick ass? hmmm... well to answer that, I think ghostbusters' put it best.  "I went, I saw, and it Kicked ASS!"...

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Ass Kicked 0

I was very anxious towards watching this flick, 'cause "Kick Ass" was a well written comic book, with good ambientation (the narrative, dialogues, scenario etc.), with an interesting story of a nerd/geek/lame and wuss student 14 years old, named Dave who, trying to become a super heroe, puts on a costume/spandex and goes fighting thugs and crime, he, who never had put his foot on a gym, never worked out before in his life, as you guys well know (I´m assuming that a good percentage of folks here ...

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It deliveries what it promises. 0

It took me awhile to get to see this movie, as I wanted to see it with a friend with a different daily planner than me. This movies does deliver what it promises, showing us the awesomeness and the harshness of being a "crimefighter" in the real world, though they do seem to alter some rules of reality just a smidge (like a 8 year old girl has the stregnth to cut a limb in  a single blow, or how Kickass still be somewhat nimble after having metal braces and implants in him ), and the way they k...

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Lives Up To It's Name 0

Kick-Ass is a Kick-Ass movie. Probably one of the best superhero movies of all time. Everything about the movie is just awesome. Even the ending works perfectly, even though it is different from the book. Kick-Ass is pretty much about what every comic-book fan has always dreamed of: putting on a mask and fighting crime, just like in the comic books. And the realistic result of the idea is: you will get your ass kicked. This movie is funny in all the right parts, dramatic in all the right scenes,...

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Kick-Ass Review 0

Kick-Ass brings you everything you hope for when it comes to superhero movies. The plot is entertaining with great action as well as the kind of violence you just can’t get enough of.  This movie is also filled with colourful characters that you can’t help but enjoy. My favorites were Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass and Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl – both were completely perfect in their roles – but not the say anything different about the other actors, the rest of the cast were also fantastic in their ro...

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Kick-Arse 1

Now this is the kind of superhero film that I wanted Scott Pilgrim vs the World to be. A balls to the wall, action/superhero movie with violence, swearing and everything in between. Now I know Scott Pilgrim was rated 12 (or Pg-13 in the US) so it couldn't be that violent, but that's the point, it shouldn't have been 12. Anyway, getting off track, time to talk about Kick-Ass, by far one of the movies in my Top 5 Films of 2010, coming in at number 5. This movie is fantastic, everything about it is...

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Truly KICK ASS!!! 0

  By The Angry Comic Book Critic                     The title says it all this film truly is Kick Ass it is probably the greatest Superhero film I've seen since The Dark Knight I mean it has everything from over the top action to a little girl killing the living shit out of every sterotypical Italian mobster there is and it is funny as hell.Now I'm not to ashamed to say if the Actress who plays Hit girl could fight like that in real she would kick the living shit out of me as well and pro...

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Huzzah for free view! 2

From the minute I read the synopsis of the source comic, then saw the trailer, I knew I would dislike this movie. First off, I am not a fan of anything Mark Millar does. To me he just takes established ideas, characters etc, fiddles with them to make them "his" and then churns out derivative material by the bucket load (though this does seem the most original of his creations at least) So the comic did not interest me. Then I saw the trailer (the red band one) and instantly I found myself dislik...

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Kick Ass 0

I have heard bad things about this one before I saw it. Some people had problems due to the fact that the youngest character in the movie, played with relish by Chloe Moretz, is also the most Vulger and violent. You want to check out how "open minded" you are? Watch her intoduction as Hit Girl when she shoves a spear through a drug dealers chest, syas to his hench men," Okay you cunts... Let's see what you can do now!" That is before she doles out violence that reminded me of The Punisher War ...

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Kick-Ass didn't get his ass kicked for nothing 0

Kick-Ass was a pretty good movie much like the book. I liked the book better i think but the movie was still great. There are a few things that are differant from the book to film adaption however but that should be expected from many comic book movies. The film was exciting and full of action even though the main character got his ass kicked every other moment but Big Daddy and Hit Girl were fortunately there to show that loser how real fighting is done. Even though Kick Ass is a lame superhero...

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Intelligent source, 'dumb fun'. 0

I am well aware that Kick Ass is destined to join the catalog of legendary "guy movies" no matter what I say here. That being said, if you have hair on your chest go see it already. Those who have never heard of the comic book will be shocked and delighted by this outrageously inappropriate romp; Kick Ass has some of the most comedic scenes gratuitous violence ever shot outside of a Tarantino film. Unfortunately, like many of Tarantino's successors Kick Ass relies too heavily on its gore and fou...

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Great Adaptation of a Wonderful Series 2

With Kick-Ass 2 hitting cinemas a few days ago I decided to re-watch the first film prior to seeing the new one, as having loved the comics from Mark Millar, I'm hoping that Kick-Ass 2 lives up to expectations, getting into the mood with this film.PlotSPOILER FREEWhen David Lizewski wonders why no one has ever tried to become a superhero, he himself becomes one in the form of Kick-Ass, but when Big Daddy, and Hit-Girl cause trouble for Frank D'Amico, D'Amico targets Kick-Ass. blaming him for his...

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Not as deep as the book. 0

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is your average high school student; he's not a sports jock, head of the class, class clown, or even a nerd. He's just an average guy with a hobby, collecting comics. He soon becomes bored with his life and wonders how come no one has ever tried to become a superhero in real life. He likes the idea of just helping people for nothing. He dons an outfit, names himself "Kick-Ass" and soon heads out into the streets with intentions on fighting crime; but he will eventua...

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