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You were wowed by the first two issues of this comic. But wait until you read issue three. Mark Millar (Civil War) and John Romita Jr (World War Hulk) only up the odds here and the pace is breathtaking. I read it weeks ago and I'm still having nightmares. Never have I seen such sickening violence sold to readers in the name of entertainment. If it wasn’t selling so well we’d have to stop publishing this monster. Follow Dave’s journey from zero to hero as he becomes a youtube celebrity. He sure kicked the ass of those drop-outs, didn’t he? Join us this issue where he inspires others to dress up and hurt people.

Kick-Ass issue 3 overview (spoilers ahead)

The issue begins with a Youtube video being played of Kick-ass defending a man from local mobsters/gangsters the video in its short time being up has already amassed 10,586 views thus making Dave an internet celebrity and giving him his superhero codename. Kick-Ass!

It also gives Dave a newfound confidance in high school and his rep has been incresed by the fact that people think he is homo-sexual, due too being found in the street naked after being hit by a truck. After a confrontation with his dad Dave ponders practicing "roof jumping" but cannot amass the courage to do it and simply decides to walk.

While on the ground he is regonized and praised by a man in his room who screams his name and a girl in an passing car that flashes him. It is also revealed he set up a MYspace page where people with problems can contact him. He heads up the apartment for his job: too convince a man named Eddie Lomas to stop harassing his ex girlfriend. When asked what hes gonna do about it Dave threatens him, then hits him with pepper spray before being attacked by everyone else in the room.

He is brutally beaten down as a 10 year old girl named Hit-girl armed with two katanas bursts in and kills everyone in the room without displaying a hint of remorse.



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I've been a little ambivalent about this comic.  Sure it's a neat idea but, after the first two issue, I was concerned that it was dangerously close to being a one trick pony.  Still, those comics were pretty funny, in a sick kind of way - issue one concentrated on wannabe superhero Dave Lizewski getting seriously injured when trying to stop a fight, whilst this was pretty much repeated in the second issue, though on this occasion, Dave calling on a nearby crowd to call the cops, who instead sta...

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