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    Kick-Ass » Kick-Ass #2 released by Marvel on May 2008.

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    Kick your ass

    Ok. I gave this comic a try because I like the JR Jr and because it is something different. Overall, this book rules. What the hell do you think would happen if you were a scrawny kid in friggin spandex? You would get your ass kicked. And it wouldn't be an "oh my god! he was shot by a laser that knocked him out!" It would be a "HOLY FUCK!!! That skinny fuckin psycho got beaten, stabbed, and hit by a car!!!!!"

    If I would have written the comic, he would have died in issue one. That would have been it. But, this issue is great in that it goes deeper into the duties of a son. Kick Ass wants to do his thing, but he knows that he is still his father's son; he is still a part of his dead mother that his father holds on to. It is touching.

    Spoiler666 This issue, also deals with Kick Ass' first victory. You can't help but to get up n scream "HELL YEAH" rooting for this little puss.

    Sorry, I am drunk..

    Drunken death

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      Who wants to be a superhero? Well, I guess you hide that feeling from everybody you know, but deep inside, there's that thing whispering in your ear, saying that you'd like to have that kind of life for yourself. But after you read this comic book, you'll probably change your mind about it.In this issue, Dave is facing odds that some would thought impossible to. This is logical, since having one's ass kicked as badly as his was is not something that one would easily take. The ordinary c...

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