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Justice Forever starting with a slow start


I was actually impressed with the cover. I never really liked John Romita Jr. art but for the cover I think he did a pretty good job.


Kick Ass has joined Justice Forever. He finds out that one of the members of the team he has known since he was 7.   The team go on their first adventure and take down a couple of gangsters.

Best Part

I did not think I would like Justice Forever. But in this issue they started to grown on me. I think with a little time they could be a great team. Something that really disappointed me in this issue that we saw Hit Girl a total of 2 pages and she was talking about Glee. That just made me really upset. 

Worst Part

We waited so long for this issue but I felt like nothing got accomplished in it. So, I felt like it was a waist of time waiting. Maybe I am a little angry just because I expected more with the wait.


Like I said for the cover I have never been a fan of John Romita Jr. I stopped reading Avengers just because I hated his art. I don’t hate his art in Kick Ass but some of the new characters art I really am disappointed with. I like Kick Ass’s art but the rest of the team art wise looks really bulky. So, I liked half of the art in this issue and the other half did not settle well with me.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!

3 out of 5


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