Kick-Ass #1

    Kick-Ass » Kick-Ass #1 released by Icon Comics on April 2008.

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    The greatest super hero comic of all-time is finally here. WOLVERINE: ENEMY OF THE STATE's team of MARK MILLAR (CIVIL WAR) and JOHN ROMITA JR. (WORLD WAR HULK) reunite for the best new book of the 21st century. Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Dreamed of donning a mask and just heading outside to some kick-ass? Well, this is the book for you--the comic that starts where other super hero books draw the line. KICK-ASS is realistic super heroes taken to the next level. Miss out and you're an idiot!

    Dave Lizewski lead a typical high school life. He wasn't popular or a geek or class clown. He was just another average student at his high school. He couldn't even strike up a conversation with the girl he liked. His mother died of an aneurysm when he was fourteen and he lived with his dad, who was still having problems coping with her death.

    As an escape, Dave played a lot of video games and was really into comic books. He became so obsessed with comics that he decided that was the career he wanted for himself, even though superheroes didn't really exist in the world.

    One night he decided to put on a costume. He spent the first few weeks walking around on rooftops getting used to the costume and enjoying the thrill of wearing it underneath his clothes. He spent time working out and trying to come up with a name.

    One day he decided to go into action. Seeing some kids spray painting a wall, he felt this was his time. Having courage from wearing a mask and costume, he approached and insulted the three kids. A fight began. Things didn't go so well as Dave ended up getting stabbed.

    Dave struggled to walk home. Crossing the road, he ends up getting hit by a car. He was left with two broken legs and a crushed spine.



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    This...Kicks...Ass...Go Get It. 0

    Review; It's nice to take a break from superhero comic books, particularly Marvel and DC, and try to find something new that's worth your time and money. Well, I've found a comic book that fits into that category. Though it is superhero-isc, it's more about comedy and adventure than just your typical "hulking beat 'em up, multiverse crossovers, superhero team go bad if not dull, traggic deaths then return pointless characters, and badass loner in every issue at different periods just to my a bu...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Kick-Ass 001 Review - Some Ass Got Bad! 0

    IntroductionI got into Kick-Ass because of the movie. First time I watched it I was 9-years-old. So I couldn't understand many of the jokes of the movie. In a funny situation, I asked my sister what cock meant... In public...Now that I'm older, I'm mature enought to understand the wild nature and conduct of the characters. So I'm officially ready to read the comics that seem quite interesting.The ReviewStory:Wait, so the movie is completely based on the comic? Ah man, I already know what's going...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Mark Millar, You Have Truely Kicked My Ass. 0

    Have you ever had the dream as a child, as an adult to throw on a mask and become the one thing you have always idolized? Kick-ass does just that. It doesn't hold anything back. With gritty realism, and pulling no punches when it comes to our main character; it feels as though we can truely relate. The main character, David, is a pubescent, nerdy, and insecure teenager. He deals with the everyday problems of merely socializing with the girl he has a crush on, paying for his comics, and going out...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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