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In case you were wondering this kicks ass.

I was very sad to not be able to buy any of the issues of this series when it came out, but now that I have the hardcover I'm extremely happy. Ok so right off the bat this series is pretty fresh and exciting to read, Mark Millar does a great job of convincing you of it's realistic world and characters, and John Romita Jr does an excellent job of bringing it to life with his great storytelling art that does a fantastic job of drawing you into the story. I do have a couple of problems and that is the fact that it seems that Mark Millar thinks in order to make something realistic it has to have a ton of swearing and cursing in it which well doesn't really make me happy at all. So overall the story is great, great concept, characters are different, and the art is great. With everything being said you must know this book is very explicit and little kids probably shouldn't be reading this and like I said there is a lot of profanity which I don't like when there is too much so yeah, also if you liked the movie and havent read the book you will probably like it or if you have read the book and liked it I think you will like the movie, I know i did. So yeah pick this up if your not too offended by profanity or violence, and see the movie. Thanks for reading.

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