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    K.I.A. is one of the clones of the Initiative's M.V.P. After learning of M.V.P.'s death he went insane and decided to kill everyone that witnessed M.V.P.'s death.

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    K.I.A. was one of the many clones made from the body of MVP after his death during an The Initiative training exercise. He was created by Baron Von Blitzschlag to be the new bearer of the Tactigon for the Initiative.

    Character Creation

    KIA made his first appearance in Avengers Iniative #8. He was created by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.

    Character Evolution

    In addition to programming him with all of the skills of the original MVP, K.I.A. was also programmed to have all of the skills of Armory, the original bearer of the Tactigon. Before being outfitted with the Tactigon, K.I.A. insisted on being called Michael Van Patrick. The Baron disapproved of this and tried to come up with an appropriate name for him.

    Major Story Arcs

    When K.I.A. bonded with the Tactigon he used it to hack into the Initiative computer system to find out what had happened to him. He saw the footage of the incident of his death, and the names and photos of all those who were there to witness the incident. The shock of watching himself die made K.I.A. snap. He lashed out at the Baron as well as Hank Pym, and kept repeating "Killed In Action" and "K. I. A.". He carved the initials K I A into his chest and sought out to kill everyone who was on his "list" (those that witnessed his death), making them "killed in action" as well.


    K.I.A has the Tactigon, an alien weapon capable of transforming into a near-infinite variety of weapons, including blades, energy blasters that are powerful enough to bring down the Mandarin's Ultimo robot, and venom injectors, grafted to his left arm. It can also be used to hack into computer systems.

    K.I.A is in peak human condition, and is exceptionally strong and athletic.


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