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    The Egyptian god of vengeance and the moon. His avatar on Earth is the costumed crime fighter called Moon Knight.

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    Khonshu has forever been the Egyptian Lunar God. The crescent pool outside of his temple further defines his power of the moon. Khonshu's name reflects the moons tendency to wander the night sky, as Chons (Khonshu's name in Egyptian) means to wander. His lunar power is said to protect, heal and avenge.

    One of the gods of the moon, known as the Taker of Vengeance, a figure of terror.


    During a raid on an Egyptian dig, Marc Spector's mercenary group attack the scientists analyzing artifacts one of which being a statue of Khonshu. Raoul Bushman, the African mercenary Spector was working for, kills the lead researcher when he refuses to hand over the artifacts. Spector, outraged by this action, challenges Bushman to hand-to-hand combat and is beat nearly to death and left for dead at the temple.

    Wandering Egyptians belonging to a cult of Khonshu worshippers found Spector and brought his nearly lifeless body to the temple of Khonshu and laid him at the feet of his statue. Helpless and beaten, Spector dies laying at the statue's feet. At that moment Khonshu appears to Spector in a vision, offering him the chance for a second life if he were to act as Khonshu's spirit of vengeance on the Earth.

    Spector agrees and immediately awakens. Dragging the silver cloak that once shrouded the statue of Khonshu down and wrapping himself in it, Spector returns to face Bushman once again and defeats him quickly in combat.

    Sometimes, Khonshu is a tormentor of Marc Spector. Always telling Marc how pathetic he is, always making him beg for the power to be a hero. Khonshu is constantly reminding Marc that he owes his life to him.

    Major Story Arcs


    Khonshu as a member of the Avengers
    Khonshu as a member of the Avengers

    Following an encounter with the West Coast Avengers, Khonshu became intrigued by the team (feeling a connection to them as the god of vengeance), and sought to join them. To that end, Khonshu secretly took possession of Marc's body, granting him superhuman abilities while slowly taking control. Khonshu manipulated Moon Knight into joining the West Coast Avengers, making Marc believe it was his own decision. During his time in possession of Moon Knight, Khonshu began a romance with Tigra. An attack from minions of the god Seth eventually revealed the ruse, which resulted in Khonshu leaving Marc's body and departing the mortal plane.

    Civil War

    Khonshu appears before Marc Spector's psychiatrist and reveals the psychiatrist's own mental shortcomings, not only convincing the analyst to approve Spector's registration application, but to begin worshipping Khonshu as a god.

    The Death of Marc Spector and Dark Reign

    After escaping the Thunderbolts, Marc decided to shift his identity over to the Jake Lockley persona. In this persona he decided to become a better crimefighter, and ignore Khonshu's cries for blood.

    When Bushman was resurrected, Khonshu demanded that Jake take his face a second time, but Jake resisted. Jake continued to struggle with Khonshu's demands.


    Khonshu told Jake of the weapon that could slay The Beast that possessed Daredevil. Jake managed to get it, but had to use it to kill his brother, Shadowknight, or he would have used a suicide bomb to kill a crowd. After killing his brother, Jake Lockley reverted to Marc Spector.

    Blood Hunt

    The Ennead and Orisha united
    The Ennead and Orisha united

    Eons ago the first vampire and demon Varnae steals vibranium ore, protected by Ennead deity Ptah, which he intends to forge a gate that will ascend him to godhood. One of the first Wakandans, a prisoner of Varnae, manages to steal the ore and flees the temple. She is killed by Varnae, but not before calling for Khonshu's aid, who bears witness to the act and manifests his physical form to investigate. There he is met by Bast, who also saw the crimes of Varnae but warns Khonshu that this land does not fall under the Ennead's protection. Khonshu protests that Varnae's plan is blasphemous, and his acts cruel and require immediate retaliation, but eventually listens to Bast's sage wisdom to call a meeting between the Eastern Ennead and the Western Orisha.

    Khonshu calls the meeting between the night gods of the surrounding realms - himself, Bast, Ghekre, Ptah, and Eshu - to forewarn them of Varnae's transgressions and his planned force of justice. Ptah, Bast and Ghekre agree to confront Varnae before the Orisha of War Kokou interrupts the meeting of gods, insisting that he too join. Together the four African deities assault The Temple of First Blasphemy, where they free the mortals and punish Varnae for his crimes. Their mistake was not destroying him entirely, and allowing his temple to be washed away in the depths of Anuket's waters...

    Khonshu freed
    Khonshu freed

    In the modern day Varnae, now possessing Blade's body, has entrapped the Earth within a planetary layer of Darkforce Dimension and unleashed vampires around the globe. In order to stop the mass slaughter and defeat the vampire forces, the heroes require an army that does not bleed. Hunter's Moon, alongside Tigra, requests teleportation to Asgard alongside the villain Wrecker for a rescue mission. The target in question is Khonshu, who has been held prisoner by the Aesir for his crimes against humanity during the Age of Khonshu. Hunter's Moon follows his calling to Khonshu's cell deep within the walls of Asgard's prison and, using Wrecker's enchanted crowbar to prize the door open, Khonshu is finally freed from the Aesir's holdings. Now at full strength under the will of its master, the moon shines through the Darkforce barrier and returns the cold watchful lunar light to Earth. Khonshu uses his godly power to summon hundreds of champions past, included a resurrected Marc Spector, to battle the bloodthirsty minions of his ancient foe.

    In Other Media


    Khonshu in the Disney+ series Moon Knight
    Khonshu in the Disney+ series Moon Knight
    • Khonshu appears as a major character in the live-action Disney+ Moon Knight series, voiced by Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham. As in the comics, Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the moon who brings Marc Spector back to life to act as his avatar on Earth. Throughout the series, Marc clashes with Arthur Harrow, a charismatic cult leader who previously served as Khonshu's avatar years earlier.

    Video Games

    Ultimate Alliance
    Ultimate Alliance
    • The outfit worn by Khonshu during the period where he possessed Marc's body is available as an alternate costume for Moon Knight in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.
    • Khonshu appears in Marvel Puzzle Quest as part of Moon Knight's "Knightmare" technique.


    Marvel Select and Marvel Legends
    Marvel Select and Marvel Legends
    • The Marvel Select Moon Knight figure from Diamond Select included an unarticulated statue of Khonshu as a bonus pack-in.
    • Khonshu was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • In late 2022, Khonshu was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

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