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    Simpleton who tries to please the Overseers

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    Khirn is an Iridian from the Inasis Gorgiin 101001. He is the one to discover the body of the Silver Surfer, which he dubbed the Gleambody. He believes that this is a test for him since his last attempt to fix something for the Overseers was a failure. He takes the body of the Surfer to his home in an attempt to fix it.

    At his home, he begins trying to crack the Gleambody open with his hammer, while his lover Jyx yells at him to stop. But he still believes it a test, maybe to see if this is one of the Uni-Lord's new creations and he wants Khirn to discover if it is harder than a Blackbody. They are soon met by Harquis Tey and the Iridian Rebels, who want the body of their savior.

    Khirn does not agree with Tey, but when the Territorial Troopers come he travels through a portal to escape, not wanting to be dubbed a rebel. He believes he will get a reward for the Gleambody and does not want Tey to take it from him. When the Grand Overseer unleashes her Territorial Troopers on the population, he and Jyx plead with Tey to turn himself in. He tells them to have faith.

    But Khirn instead turns Tey over to the Grand Overseer and Tey is killed. The Grand Overseer names him Master Overseer and promises him riches beyond his wildest dreams. He finally believes that he has made Jyx proud.

    But the Overseer is just using him as bait to lure the remaining rebels to him for killing their leader. This was the plan of Pradda Fol. The rebels do come to kill him but they are killed by the Troopers, along with Khirn, his own greed causing his death.


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