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A piece of living Kheran Technology that stems from another continuum from across the wildstorm multiverse. It somehow found its way into the home dimension of Jackson and Christine and was being passed around from user to user on their world, largely changing hands between crooked individuals adjacent to the criminal underworld.

A resurrected yet darker, more dangerous Ohmen was dispatched by his team leader to brutally harvest every individual whom the semi sentient device was with last. Every user remained connected to the Dream Engine via it's parasitic offspring it would lay in the latest wielders subconscious mind and brain-stem. After having worked his way through the list of former possessors said tool came in contact with, Union hands the device back to Battalion who locates his brother at a local strip club.

King proceeded to put his younger sibling; Malcolm King into a coma before placing the engine within his body after some quaint yet bitter banter between brothers. For the next couple of months Malcolm would be placed into a mental ward while he recuperated, only to be reawakened when his brother's astral body was decapitated by an angry deity he was bonding to a failed superhero.

Upon his resurgence he was visited by a U.N. Agent named Morro, who was asking about how his last visit from his estranged family was. During a lightning storm caused by King's reawakening of the urban god of Los Angeles he escaped with Morro in tow, both making their way out into the middle of nowhere. As the rest of The Monarchy team arrives, Malcolm reveals his fusion with the dream engine while transforming a new suit using his newfound power to will it into existence.


The Kheran Dream Engine is a bleed artifact which has the power to leech off of a hosts imagination and twist the fabric of reality around them on a limited scale. With every host it bonds too the self-aware machine plants offspring within their minds which feed on their mental energies in order grow and develop from their fetal stages. Those in possession of one of these eggs are granted post-human abilities of their own such as being resistant to psychic probing with the retained connectivity to the wish granting device in order to make their hearts desires real, the only means of removing these embryos from a host is through hideous torture, resulting in the death of both its nesting user and the entity in question.


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