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Khatylis is not a life form but a sentient force of nature. He collects the flotsam of the universe and destroys dying worlds and brings them into himself in a matrix of energy and life. He uses these resources to create new worlds and life. Khatylis was found by Kismet and the members of the Enclave who had recently been bestowed cosmic power on a mission in space to learn how to properly use their powers. They deemed the being a threat to the universe and attempted to destroy it. The Enclave over estimated their powers and were consumed into the matrix. Believing them dead, Kismet also attacked Khatylis. Khatylis managed to contact the Silver Surfer and reveal it's true intentions. But the damage was done and all of them were trapped in the matrix. Their cosmic power threatened to destroy Khatylis, which inturn would cause the universe to be destroyed as well. Kismet and the Surfer became one with the matrix in order to stop the collapse. This caused the matrix to settle and Khatylis created a new world and gave the Surfer, Kismet and the Enclave their bodies back. They departed and left Khatylis to his work. 


Khatylis is a Marvel comic book character created by Gregory Wright, John Buscema and Geof Isherwood. The character first appears in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #2 released in 1995 which remains his sole appearance as of current, serving in a role that could be somewhat be seen as an opposite of Galactus. Where as Galactus consumes planets, Khatylis builds and restores. 

Powers and Abilities

Khatylis possesses enormously levels of power, the extent of which allows for planetary manipulation, destruction, recreation and restructuring. Khatylis wields vast ability to control, harness and manipulate energy on a cosmic level, and likely possesses strength, speed, stamina, durability levels comparable to being such as Galactus. Khatylis is not a physical being instead gaining a physical form for the purposes of communication and interaction with other sentient beings.        

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