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    Khats are the demonic servants of Erlic Khan from the Thirty Infernos.

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    Khats are the mischievous servants of Erlic Khan who were bound by the priests of Kamar-Taj. The priests of Kamar-Taj were performing a ceremony for their new avatar when one priest disrupted everything when he told them that the Indian Minister of Defense had plans to have soldiers garrisoned at their temple. The new avatar cursed the man and one ceremonial candle blew out exuding a faint odor of decay. The next day, the Indian Defense Minister collapsed during his address at the United Nations because his throat and bronchial tubes were jammed with military medals. The Defense Minister was taken to the Lenox Hill Medical Center where Stephen Strange arrived to help with the surgery. Khat appeared in the operating room and only Dr. Strange was able to see him. Khat planned to rip out the heart of the patient but Dr. Strange prevented him with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Khat suddenly vanished and began to attack the other patients until Dr. Strange felt helpless. Khat mentally and emotionally broke down Dr. Strange by telling him that he was cold and arrogant. Khat transported Dr. Strange to his realm where he continued to weakened him by telling the master of the mystic arts that he had no feelings and that he would never know love. Dr. Strange proved triumphant when he told Khat that he was weak and had to understand his weaknesses to learn his strengths. Dr. Strange would cast a spell and bound Khat back to the ceremonial candle from where he came.   


    Khat was created by Peter Gillis and Chris Warner in 1986 and first appeared in Doctor Strange # 77. 

    Story Arcs

    Dr. Strange would destroy most of his magical talismans in order to defeat a powerful adversary named Urthona. With the talismans destroyed, many ancient evils would be revived. Wong, Rintrah and Sara Wolfe were present at Dr. Strange's home when he enchanted a spell to view the damage that was done through his mystic globe. Suddenly the globe broke when Khat and a number of his demonic brothers appeared. Khat delivered a message that the light of his magic is weakening and Dr. Strange would not be able to stop the oncoming onslaught of dark magic. The Khats attacked Dr. Strange and scarred his friend, Sara Wolfe but they were cast back to their realm when they were forced back to an enchanted circle and surrounded by mystic flames. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Khat is a minor demon with some magical abilities and sharp claws. Khats do most of their damage with physical attacks but have demonstrated to cause sickness with humans by magical means. Khats have also shown the ability of teleportation and size manipulation.  

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