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    Kharn the Betrayer is a Character of the Warhammer 40K Universe. After the World Eaters fled to the Eye of Terror following the Horus Heresy, Kharn served as Khorne's favored son and became his avatar of death and destruction.

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    Origin and Character Evolution

    Kharn Started as a Captain of his own company in the Warhounds Legion. The Warhounds was the Space Marine Legion name before their Geneseed father and Primarch Angron was found. They were natural Close Combat specialist before his discovery. However once Angron was found the Legion went through a drastic Change.

    It started with the Neural Chips that were design to increase the rage and cause a large release of adrenaline in combat. Most of the Legion including Kharn would receive these implants. The name of the Legion was subsequently renamed from The Warhounds to The World Eaters. An aptly picked name for the Legion that was called upon if the Emperor of Mankind wanted a world completely decimated in blood. Due to their volatile and violent nature it was only natural for Kharn's Legion to turn traitor during the Horus Heresy and follow their Primarch Angron in the fight against the Emperor.

    Kharn started to show his thirst and lust for battle during the infamous Itsvaan 3 Drop Site Massacre. There he killed many of his loyal brethren in bloody melee. It was here he fought screaming praises to the Blood God for the first time. After an encounter with the Luna Wolf Captain Loken, Kharn was impaled by the Dozer Bades of a Tank. Effectivly taking him out of the fight and seemingly killing him. Kharn however did not die and healed from his grievous injuries to fight again.

    After running around the Galaxy with his Legion during the Heresy he finally ended up on Terra. The last battle ground of good and evil for the galaxy. He led a charge into the first major breach of the Imperial Palace and made it all the way to the Eternity Gate before falling on a pile of Powered Armoured Bodies seemingly slain. Khorn would not let his favorite Champion end in death however.

    After his body was recovered he had life breathed back into him. After the defeat of the traitor Legions he and the World Eaters fell back into the Eye of Terror with the rest of the traitors and it was there during the battle of Skaltharax that the title Betrayer was placed on Kharn. The nights on Skaltharax are so cold that even a Space Marine in Power Armor could freeze to death. Kharn dismayed that his soilders sought shelter instead of fighting the Emperors Children went into a blood-lusted rage. He grabbed a Flamer, torched his troops out of their shelters and forcing them to engage their enemies. This act won Kharn the day but shattered his Legion forever.

    Many millinnea later Kharn continues stalking the Galaxy slaying all in his path. He is Khorne's favored son and Khorne does not care where the blood flows, only that it flows.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kharn is a Chaos Marine and greatest of Khorn mortal Champions. He wields Gorechild. A Mica Dragon Teeth Power Weapon Chain Axe. He also uses a Plasma Pistol. He is gifted with even greater strength than his former brother marines able to lift 10tons under normal conditions and his Power Armour has its own Chaos power turning away the harshest attacks with ease. Like all Space Marine's Kharn has a healing factor that allows him to heal wounds almost instantly as a testament to this he took a beating from his Primarch Angron who possessed strength over the 100ton range. As well as getting impaled on a tank but recovering soon after.

    Kharn's main ability is his incredible capabilities in close combat. In the story Galaxy In Flames he was confirmed to have killed 2485 enemy on his own in combat in a single battle. Due to his favor by the blood God Kharn is also gifted with Blessings of the Blood God. These Blessings have made him Immune to psychic, telekinetic and magical attacks, for Khorne disapproves of such cowardly attacks. Kharn has fought for 10 millennia and has battled nearly everything from Greater Daemons to the lowest Guard making him one of the most skilled fighters in the galaxy.

    Since 6th edition codex Kharn has received the following upgrades:

    • Aura of Dark Glory: A demonic forcefield surrounds him in a nigh-skintight barrier allowing him to shrug off enormous amounts of damage with little effort
    • Upgraded Blessing: Kharn's blessing no longer applies only to himself but also to his allies in combat. So if he is on a team or a squad they also become immune to magic, telepathic, telekinetic, spiritual and other such attacks.

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