Character » Kharlak appears in 8 issues.

    Karlak is a Khund warrior that has fought against the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    Karlak is a Khund warrior who became a slave trader. This career chose has forced him to have several run ins with the Legion of Super-Heroes and The Omegas.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hunt for Lobo

    For more information see: Hunt for Lobo

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    Karlak was the chief slave master of Lobo's slave ship the Starpoint, but when Lobo crashed the ship on Earth Karlak was taking into custody along with Lobo. He was keep in a maximum security prison until Lobo escaped and unknowingly freed Karlak, While Lobo fled Karlak stayed behind.

    Several hours later when Deathstroke and Zealot arrived at the prison looking for Lobo, Karlak ambushed them. He almost had Slade beaten but then Tigorr, Primus, and Kalista showed up and distracted Karlak enough for Zealot to get the better of him. Zealot ran him through with her sword, mortally wounding him. Slade promised to save him, if he told the group where to find Lobo. Kharlak died boosting that Slade was too late and Lobo probably already activated the World Breaker bomb


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