Khalid Ben-Hassin

    Character » Khalid Ben-Hassin appears in 87 issues.

    An archaeologist and occult expert raised by Kent Nelson, Khalid Ben-Hassin was chosen to act as Nabu's vessel. Inspired by Jay Garrick, he donned the Helment of Fate and became the hero known as Doctor Fate, Nabu's agent of order and chaos.

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    Little is known about how Khalid was chosen by Nabu to become Doctor Fate, all that is known is that friend and ally, Hawkgirl gained her powers/wings at the same time with him. Since then, Khalid has been very wary of the Helmet of Fate, often refusing to wear it due to the toll it takes on his sanity.


    The new Earth 2 Doctor Fate was created by Earth 2 writer James Robinson and designed by Nicola Scott.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Tower of Fate

    Khalid along with Jay Garrick and his mother are transported to Nabu's Realm by Wotan, a mage who resents Nabu and wishes to take his powers. Wotan has tasked Khalid and Jay with obtaining Nabu's Helm from within the Tower of Fate, and bring it to him, using Jay's mother as leverage.

    The two enter the tower and begin the ascent to the top, however are confronted by a great beast that acts as a guardian to the tower. Jay manages to run himself and Khalid to safety before deciding to turn back and fight the beast head on, leaving Khalid to climb the rest of the tower alone. Jay's courage inspires Khalid, and as he reaches Nabu's Helm he accepts the responsibility even knowing it will probably drive him insane. Willingly he puts on the helmet and becomes Doctor Fate, rushing to Jay's aid by defeating the beast guardian.

    Doctor Fate and Flash exit the tower, and Fate begins to fight Wotan, stating that Nabu's powers will never be his. With Wotan hurting Doctor Fate, Nabu tells him that Wotan has been in his realm for too long, absorbing it's power. Fate then opens a portal to Earth, transporting everyone from Nabu's Realm through it. Using his new found powers by listening to Nabu, Khalid manages to defeat Wotan, teleporting him to another dimension. With The Green Lantern appearing at the scene, Alan suggests leaving quickly due to the incoming World Army. Doctor Fate manages to teleport the three heroes to hide out at Alan's home, where Fate informs them to turn on the TV and learns of the impending war with Dherain.

    The initial invasion of Dherain by the Wonders of America went rather well as they easily decimated Steppenwolf's forces. However, Steppenwolf sent his Hunger Dogs to confront both the Wonders and the World Army. Steppenwolf's Hunger Dogs easily defeated both teams with The Beguiler deflecting his magical energy back at him which knocked him out. Although they were defeated, the Hunger Dogs didn't kill them. When the Wonders and World Army eventually woke up, Khalid healed them of their injuries and teleported them to the battlefield where Steppenwolf and his forces had decimated the World Army who had ordered a retreat. Khalid opened another portal to allow Jay Garrick to transport injured soldiers to medical aid, before they could all return, Alan Scott went to attack Steppenwolf, while he initially had the upper hand he was attacked from behind by Brutaal and proceeded to be beaten up by the combined might of Steppenwolf and Brutaal, meanwhile the Wonders of America could only looks on as their leader was defeated.


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