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Drogo was the son of Khal Bharbo. Drogo's future bloodrider, Cohollo, pledged his life to the Khalakka (prince) when he was very young. It became clear from an early age that Drogo was gifted in the art of war, and an extraordinary warrior. As such, he soon became a Khal in his own right, and led one of the largest united Khalasars in the Dothraki sea.


Daniel Abrahams adapted the fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" into the comic book medium; Khal Drogo first appeared in "Game of Thrones" #1.

Current Events

Illyrio Mopatis arranged the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled princess of the Targaryen house, to Khal Drogo in the agreement that Drogo would provide his forces to her brother, Viserys Targaryen to aid in their attempt to reclaim the Iron Throne. The marriage went ahead according to the typical Dothraki tradition; a day-long feast punctuated with fatal fights, intercourse, and the presentation of weapons as gifts to the Khaleesi - the Dothraki word for Queen. (Daenerys). It is expected of the Khaleesi that she will then in turn offer them to her husband. Daenerys was barely thirteen at the time of their marriage, and she expected Drogo to be a harsh, violent husband. Contrary to her believe, however, Drogo was a considerate, and at time, gentle lover. As Drogo did not speak the Common Tongue, he and his new wife could not communicate verbally, though over time, he learned Daenerys' tongue, as she learned his. Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Daenerys and Drogo grew to truly love each other; Drogo respected her opinions and her spirit. He referred to her as "the moon of my life" and she referred to him as "my sun and stars".

However, Drogo did not hold the same respect for Viserys, as the "Beggar King" himself did not concede to Dothraki principles (He labelled them "barbaric" and "savages"). Viserys grew more impatient at Drogo's apparent reluctance to offer aid for his campaign. Whilst in Vaes Dothrak, Viserys drew his blade- a heinous crime by Dothraki standards, as the city was considered sacred and a place of peace (a rarity in Dothraki culture). A place where no blood could be spilled. Drogo managed to avoid this rule, and repay Viserys in kind - by placing a molten gold "crown" upon his head. Notably, Daenerys did not protest over the fact that her husband and killed her brother - no doubt because of the abuse she had experienced whilst she was growing up by his hands.


Drogo abides by the customs of the Dothraki, that is to say that he braids his hair and doesn't cut it, unless the individual has been defeated in battle. Drogo is one of the few Dothraki warlords who has never faced defeat, and as such, he has a long braid which reaches to his thighs. Drogo has a deep copper complexion,black hair and eyes and is naturally tall and well muscled.

Other Media

Khal Drogo appeared in the HBO production of the "Game of Thrones", being portrayed by Jason Momoa.


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