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    A Keyblade is a weapon made during the Keyblade War as a replica of the X-Blade. The capabilities of the Keyblade make it such an incredible power that The Heartless fear it.

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    The Keyblade is often referred to as The Key, because it has the power to unlock and lock all locks and dimensions and other worlds. Its appearance resembles a key in all its forms.

    The appearance of the Keyblade changes whenever the chain, that's located at the bottom of the handle, changes.

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    Obtaining the Keyblade

    They that a keyblade chooses its master. Some keyblades can only be wielded by someone with a strong heart.

    As of the BBS Ultimatum, it is shown a keyblade may be obtained by having a strong heart and:

    A keyblade inheritance ceremony must take place. The ceremony happens by a keyblade master choosing a successor or follow-up. All the master musy do is allow the candidate to hold the keyblade. If it approves, it will stay within their grasp. It can also be obtained by accident should someone with a strong heart touch the keyblade. The former occurred between Terra and young


    , while the latter occurred between Aqua and a younger



    List of Known Keyblades

    Listed in alphabetical order after Kingdom Key, Riku's Key, Kairi's Key, and Mickey's Key.

    • Abaddon Plasma
    • Abyssal Tide
    • All for One
    • Astral Blast
    • Aublade
    • Bond of Flame
    • Brightcrest
    • Chaos Ripper
    • Circle of Life
    • Counterpoint
    • Crabclaw
    • Crown of Guilt
    • Darker than Dark
    • Darkgnaw
    • Decisive Pumpkin
    • Destiny's Embrace
    • Diamond Dust
    • Divewing
    • Divine Rose
    • Dual Disc
    • Earthshaker
    • End of Pain
    • End's of the Earth
    • Fairy Harp
    • Fairy Stars
    • Fatal Crest
    • Fenrir
    • Ferris Gear
    • Follow the Wind
    • Foreteller Aced's Keyblade
    • Foreteller Ava's Keyblade
    • Foreteller Gula's Keyblade
    • Foreteller Invi's Keyblade
    • Foreteller Ira's Keyblade
    • Frolic Flame
    • Glimpse of Darkness
    • Guardian Bell
    • Guardian Soul
    • Gull Wing
    • Hero's Crest
    • Hidden Dragon
    • Hyperdrive
    • Jungle King
    • Keyblade of Heart
    • Kingdom Key
    • Kingdom Key D
    • Knockout Punch
    • Lady Luck
    • Lea's Keyblade
    • Leviathan
    • Light Seeker
    • Lionheart
    • Lost Memory
    • Lunar Eclipse
    • Mark of a Hero
    • Master's Defender
    • Maverick Flare
    • Metal Chocobo
    • Midnight Roar
    • Missing Ache
    • Monochrome
    • Moogle O' Glory
    • Mysterious Abyss
    • No Name
    • Oathkeeper
    • Oblivion
    • Ocean Rage
    • Olympia
    • Omega Weapon
    • Ominous Blight
    • One-Winged Angel
    • Pain of Solitude
    • Photon Debugger
    • Pixie Petal
    • Pumkinhead
    • Rainfell
    • Rejection of Fate
    • Royal Radiance
    • Rumbling Rose
    • Sign of Innocence
    • Silent Durge
    • Skull Noise
    • Sleeping Lion
    • Soul Eater
    • Spellbinder
    • Star Seeker
    • Starlight
    • Stormfall
    • Stroke of Midnight
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Sweet Memories
    • Sweetstack
    • Three Wishes
    • Total Eclipse
    • Treasure Trove
    • True Light's Flight
    • Twilight Blaze
    • Two Become One
    • Ultima Weapon
    • Unbound
    • Victory Line
    • Void Gear
    • Way to Dawn
    • Wayward Wind
    • Winner's Proof
    • Wishing Lamp
    • Wishing Star
    • χ-Blade
    • χ-Blade (Incomplete)
    • Young Xehanort's Keyblade
    • Zero/One

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