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Kevin is the most popular kid in the Cul De Sac, though he bullies the Ed's to no end. He is constantly seen as a cool guy, and is usually hanging out with Nazz, the girl that all the Ed's wish to have. Kevin is cynical, sarcastic, and cruel. He also has an entire garage filled with jawbreakers because his father works at a jawbreaker factory. He is very protective of his bike and becomes enraged whenever someone damages it or dirties it. Kevin and Eddy appear to have a rivalry, this is most likely due to them having very similar personalities and both wanting to be accepted by their peers. In this case Kevin is successful and Eddy is not.


Kevin wears a green Sweater and black shorts. Kevin also is always seen wearing a red baseball cap, sort of like Edd's black beanie, though Kevin has been seen without his hat. Under his hat it appears that Kevin is bald, and only has 3 strands of hair that poke out of the front of his hat.


Kevin is the stereotypical jock of the neighborhood. He is always calling the Ed's dorks and turning the other kids in the cul de sac against them. He appears to have a slight fear of the Ed's though, most likely due to the fact that he has been physically harmed by their various scams one way or another. Kevin is also fearful of Eddy's older brother, the mention of him causes Kevin to freak out, get incredibly nervous, and jumble up his words. Kevin also appears to be in some sort of relationship with Nazz, as the two are often hanging out together and Nazz will ride on Kevin's bike with him. Kevin takes great pride in his bike and will harm anyone who damages it, this is usually one of the Eds. Kevin, like Eddy, strives to fit in with his peers, and will do anything that everyone else seems to think is cool. Kevin will go out of his way to humiliate or harm Eddy, this is due to their rivalry that could possibly come from Eddy's older brother.

Kevin was once hypnotized by Eddy, who made him believe that he was an ape. This hypnotism changed his facial features to make him look more like an ape, increasing the size of his mouth and having glossed over eyes. When the hypnotism was broken he reverted back to his original appearance.


Kevin is shown to have slight mechanical abilities, as he often has to repair his bike when the members of the Ed trio damage it.


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