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Since Kevin Matchstick has finally returned in the third and final installment of Mage, I thought I would put up a respect thread for him, should he start to feature in some battle threads.

Right now I am using scans I already have, which were not all originally made with a respect thread in mind. I will go back through and add complete battles over time. Right now this should give a good idea of his general capabilities.

I will also provide the basic capabilities of some of the other prominent characters in the Mage series soon.

Kevin Matchstick

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Kevin Matchstick is the main character in the three Mage series: The Hero Discovered, The Hero Defined, and The Hero Denied, which is starting to come out right now.

In the world of Mage, many characters are an avatar of a legendary hero or being, who is reborn again and again in new lives throughout the ages. Kevin Matchstick is the avatar of King Arthur, the Pendragon. He also found out at the end of The Hero Defined that he is also at least in part the avatar of Gilgamesh, and possibly other heroes. As the avatar of the Pendragon, some heroes consider him their leader (and others don't).

Kevin has enhanced strength, durability, agility, and reflexes. He also used to carry a magic bat which was the avatar of Excalibur. The bat was destroyed, and now in The Hero Denied he seems to be able to turn any object into Excalibur, or at least a source of magical energy, from a post to a pebble. The bat is made of magical energy, and has a bit of a "blunt force light saber" quality. The bat can also shoot a ranged pulse of magical energy at a target. When he throws the bat, it comes back to his hand. He can also use the power of the bat to heal.

Kevin's power levels, somewhat similar to Gladiator's, vary depending on his confidence, his attention, and especially the degree to which he is using them for a righteous purpose. When he uses them for egotistical reasons, they go on the fritz. Kevin also didn't realize he was an avatar originally, so it took training for him to learn to use his powers. Thus, his powers start off at a low level in TheHero Discovered, and increase over the series.


Kicks a hole in a car when first learning about his powers

Kicks a Grackleflint a distance away while first learning about his powers

Punches a hole in a brick wall while first learning about his powers

Effortlessly rips off some prison bars

Flips over an enormous dragon with one hand, while at the height of his quest


Is run over by a subway train and is totally fine.

Can completely no-sell Redcap slings (which can kill a hero with one shot): one, two, three

Jumps into a dragon's fiery mouth (which is magical and can kill an intangible ghost) and is completely unharmed: one, two.

When not paying attention (and thus not using his power), he was stabbed by a Grackleflint, and had to be brought to Faerie for a year to heal form its venom: one, two

He can still be stuck with a splinter, because it doesn't affect the quest.

Agility and Reflexes

Agility and Reflexes (also gives a general description of his powers)

Leaps to the top of a 30 foot ogre

The Bat

Examples of enemies/minor scenes from fights that will be filled in completely later on:

Hell hounds: one, two, three

Sprigginflints: one, two, three, four

Redcaps: one, two, three, four, five

Man-mountain of Dzoxk, who has been charged with power stolen from Kevin: one, two, three, four

Kelpie: one, two

Grackleflints: one, two, three, four

A giant: one

A dragon: Kevin meets it, then jumps right in its fiery mouth and kills it from the inside with a blast from the bat. One, two, three, four

A Troll: one

The Marhault Ogre: one, two, three

The Huntsman's hounds: one, two

The Dragonslayer: originally Kevin is losing, as he fights for his ego, not the quest, but wins in the end (these may be totally out of order): one, two, three, four, five, six, seven


He has a magic ATM card to untracably withdraw seemingly-infinite money.

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Feats for Edsel, Mirth, Joe Phat, Kirby Hero, the Grackleflints, the Umbra Sprite, Wally Ut, the Dragonslayer, Sean Knight, and the Presbyter to come.

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