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Focus Profile

Late 80's Maguire Art
Late 80's Maguire Art

In 1987 a Profile of Kevin was put on the inside cover of a comic book called Focus. In it it at that time Kevin lived in Old Bridge, New Jersey and worked on his first comic on September 9, 1960. He was 5' 10'' and 165lbs, with green eyes and brown hair. At this time he was 26 with a 9 shoe size. His major influence was Chuck Jones and Frank Frazetta. He said his quote was "Let's just have fun." His advice to aspiring artist was "If you have to copy from somewhere---copy from life."

More comical stuff in the profile he listed his hobby as Lounging. He said if wasn't doing comics he would be making pizza and he makes comics because it beats making pizza. He stated that poverty is what got him into making comics and he worked for DC because they made the best offer.

"If you have to copy from somewhere---copy from life." - Kevin Maguire

2010 Maguire Art
2010 Maguire Art

In popular culture Kevin listed the last good book he read was No Deals Mr. Bond by John Gardner. The last good record he bought was The Times by Prince. He also said his favorite movie was Lethal Weapon. His goal was direct a James bond movie.

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