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Kevin Hawkins was created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry. He first appeared in a 2002 one-shot entitled The Authority: Kev.


Kev is a hapless former member of the SAS, who following a serious professional mishap(allowing a cabinet minister to be eaten by a tiger) found himself working a variety of unpleasant surreptitious jobs for the British Government. This included a particularly noteworthy assignment where he was tricked into assassinating the Authority by alien invaders, but which he managed to undo with the time-manipulating abilities of the Authority' ship. Although he had undone his killing of the team, it still earned their enmity, and together with some careless words, earned him a brutal beating from the Midnighter.

Personality & Abilties.

Though he often seems foolish and somewhat incompetent, Kev is a highly-trained soldier, and as such has a high-degree of combat training, making him adept in hand-to-hand combat and using fire-arms. He is not particularly ambitious professionally, or in his personal life, looking for little more than some drinks with his friends and casual sex with various women. He originally joined the SAS to evade the influence of a superior's officer whose wrath he had incurred, and who had made his life Hell.

Kev has a tendency to follow orders without much thought, though he does have some reservations. This is probably his most pronounced flaw. He is also has a macho streak and is markedly-homophobic.

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