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    Comic book writer located in Toronto, Canada.  

    Personal Information:

    Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the early 80s.

    His life with the medium:

    His romance with comics weaves in and out of his life from childhood to adulthood like many others.  Comics helped to teach him to read with the blend of visuals and words to create the perfect condition to comprehend the stories narrative.  Some teachers encouraged comics to help him to read and other teachers felt him dumb and hopeless.  The opposite sex would win him away from comics for many years, until more mature reads like The Crow, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell would win him back.
    Alan Moore led him to his favorite character of John Constantine, which was first debuted in the pages of Swamp Thing.  John Constantine opened the doors to the next level of understanding of comics for Silkcuts.  John Constantine is a character steeped in Carl Jung theory with premises like Synchronicity being a primary plot point and even alchemy  now within John's run under the pen of Peter Milligan. The meta levels of comics is the heart of Silkcuts' fascination with the medium. 
    Before deciding to script comics, Silkcuts explored the medium as a reviewer.  In love with the medium again the obsessive search to understand the medium has lead to plenty of variety in comics enjoyed, digested and reviewed by him. Many of comicvine's high watermark reviews were written by him, examples being Batwoman Elegy, Batman: The Return, Brightest Day #12, Morning Glories: For A Better Future and as well as Comicvine's first jam review ( Crisis on Infinite Earths #1) that was featured on the front page.
    The review is what created Silkcuts the comicvine review legend that would become his reputation.  His goal was not about volume but with quality. That effort in quality was noticed by staff member InferiorEgo on his Around the Vine: Community Wrap-Up 10/15/10 and his ComicVine Community Star-of-Fame on January 21st, 2011. ( HERE). 
    After exploring comics by surgical dissection the want to understand the difference between "comics" and "Sequential Arts" became a goal.  The reviewing side slowed down to a snail pace so he could focus on studying the medium from experts via books and essays about the medium. As Kevin Gorospe, he explored himself and decided to dig deep into himself to write a story exploring the hurt in his life. A project exploring the 27 Club mythos was his first decided project. The project becoming so important to him he didn't want to screw it up so he is taking his time with it. The first comic adapted from a Silkcuts script he wrote was for a "webcomic" idea called Comic Capers Freestyle Heist and the Plastic Man story was drawn by Comicvine's own M.S. Feather.  A handful of other scripts went out with art yet to return.  In late 2011 he discovered Ty Templeton's Boot Camp which was currently held at the time in joint venture with The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop. Ty Templeton would help to focus the narrative skill of this young writer and bring Kevin Gorospe and Silkcuts together as one writer.  The battle between catering for himself and catering for the reader is his biggest challenge. 
    Ty Templeton would go on to say on his blog about their writing experience together that:

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    The next haunting tale of Holmsian Love and Mystery was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had working on this project for the last three years.  The story went through a draft or two before we got to this fabulous version in the end, and Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe gets my vote of the most tenacious writer we’ve ever had.  His artist Raymond Jin is another first-time participant who turned in a wonderful art job with more effort and attention to detail than anyone else, and was FINISHED FIRST, which every editor loves.  When you read the full story, you’ll fall in love with one of our cast, just like Trey did…

    Take a bow, guys.

    The classes with Ty Templeton would lead to the publication of Silkcuts' first works in Full-Time Voyeur and Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough both found in Holmes Inc #3.  
    Silkcuts has a handful of projects in different levels of development so it is uncertain when the next book or webcomic will appear. 

    Other Fun Facts:

    He is an Aries.
    Many believe him to be "British" on online forums with his use of words like "Cheers".
    Silkcuts: Although he spells it as one word is two different acronyms; "Simply Irresistible Lovable Kevin"/ "Charming Under The Situation". It is believed Silkcuts is a direct nod to his favorite character John Constantine, but John smokes Silk Cut fags rather then Silkcuts.  Silkcuts is also not a smoker.
    Magick is a field of interest for him and like Jodorowsky Tarot themes is interest for him.
    Roxanne Starr was the first Comic Professional to vocally have faith in his writing.

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