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Kevin loved going on adventures with his father until one mission they were tracking Dr. Skorpion to Giza. Where Dr Skorpion planned to use Rama-Tut's technology to open a portal to a the Neutral Zone. Kevin attacked Skorpion and made him fall against the console which controlled the portal, randomly pushing buttons, and shorting the system. The portal expanded and transported Kevin to the Neutral Zone, outside of the omniverse.

Years after the accident, Kevin younger brother Max, who turned away from his family and became a villain called Dr. Positron attempt to bring Kevin back into the world. When Max reopened a portal into the neutral zone Kevin started emerging hideously enlarged and distorted as Max failed to stabilize the portal. Blue Marvel and The Mighty Avenger were force attacked Kevin until he re-enter the neutral zone as the feedback from the portal could destroy the solar system.

When Ultimates were exploring the Neutral Zone Kevin intervened and stopped his father from murdering the Anti-Man.


After spending so long in the Neutral Zone Kevin mutated into a cosmic being granting him various abilities.

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation

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