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Annie Jones was a member of an elite counter terrorist squad called Team Omega that was formed by a man named Lars Dinkelbach aka Eagle. This group was created for a very secret war against terrorism and worldwide crime. Team Omega would raid a secret research base in the African Congo when they were attacked by some ferocious creature. Jones and her teammates suffered near fatal wounds because the creature carried an artificial virus that prevented their wounds from healing. Team Omega was taken to a covert STORM base which was an acronym for Special Taskforce Omega Response Mandate and underwent a special procedure performed by Doctor Samuel Merrick. Jones and her teammates went inside a secret experiment called the Gene Match Device that was capable of re-writing and re-combing their DNA with genetic abilities of animals that enhanced their abilities to superhuman levels. Jones was given the code name Kestrel and she was capable of sprouting crystalline wings and given specialize weapons. Jones and her teammates would become a special unit called the Gene Dogs and the entire team consisted of Kestrel, Tyr, Pacer, Panther and Howitzer. The Gene Dogs would be the premiere fighting force of STORM and continue their war with the terrorist organization known as Mys-TECH.


Kestrel was created by John Freeman and David Taylor in 1993 and first appeared in Gene Dogs # 1.

Powers & Abilities

Kestrel has the ability to sprout crystalline wings that provide her the ability of flight and she can also fire crystal darts from her wrist gauntlet for range attacks. Prior to undergoing the Gene Match Device procedure, Jones was an elite soldier and computer genius.

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