Character » Kessler appears in 22 issues.

    Kessler is a businessman who has a fetish for paraplegic girls.

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    A CIA analyst whom Butcher uses as an informant and it's thanks to him that Butcher finds "Wee Hughie" as a recruit. He is often bullied by Butcher but though he never complains in front of him. He served as the Boys' driver when in Russia where he went to see a race of disabled women. He's referred to as "Monkey".

    He is would-be CIA Director and intends to ruin the Boys, but after he attempted to assault a paraplegic former athlete, Butcher blackmailed him into backing down while also having anal sex with Terror.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Name of the Game

    For more information see: The Name of the Game

    Kessler meets Butcher, again.
    Kessler meets Butcher, again.

    Kessler is in his office jerking it to pictures of paraplegic women when his secretary tells him there is "a Mister Butcher" to see him. Kessler tries to escape out the window but runs right into Butcher, who greets him with a "'lo Monkey" and a knee to the groin. While Kessler rolls on the ground in pain Butcher demands to see his files and some good tea.

    Later, Butcher looks over Kessler's files in his office. He asks Kessler about Wee Hughie, and Kessler tells him he saw Hughie the other day and had him sign the release. Kessler then asked why Butcher needs five but doesn't get a response.

    Glorious Five Year Plan


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