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One of Lumi's three sisters, aunt to Jack Frost II. Lumi is the Queen of Winter, Syksy the Queen of Autumn, and Kevat was the Queen of Spring. Kesa is the Queen of Summer, where ever she dwelled summer followed her. Once each season four times a year, she would move one kingdom over, in a clockwise rotation. As would her sisters each season, as it was their duty to bring the seasons. The sisters each lived well in harmony, but their sister Lumi would change after becoming the lover of Jack Horner. After she naively, gave him her powers, he abused her gift and used it recklessly. And he showed no faithfulness to Lumi as a lover, as he tried to seduce one of her own sisters. Because Jack was abusing his powers, the people blamed Lumi for the problem and wanted to rebel against her.

With her servant Vrumpus' help, they were able to escape to her sister Kesa's castle. There, Kesa was the one sister who'd get to see and help raise her newborn nephew. Due to this, her beloved sister become as cold and as cruel as the season she represented. Over four or five years and Jack did not return to give back her powers.

Seeing how dangerous this was becoming, Kesa and her sisters formed an army of professional mercenaries to capture him. Since they were protected by the three goddesses magic, Jack was eventually caught. Though it wasn't easy as a worried Kevate, reminded her sister that winter was the stronger of their powers. However, Kesa didn't want to worry their army and hoped they could parley Jack's attacks. Afterwards, they bargained with him that if he returned Lumi's powers they wouldn't kill him or do him harm. But as he left they mentioned they couldn't make the same promise for their sister.

Its unknown what became of Kesa and her sisters when the Adversary took over. Or if they still remained in contact with their sister since she rose in power as the Snow Queen. Its also unknown what her sisters reactions now that their sister has fallen under Briar Rose's sleeping spell.

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