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Kerry Dowenn was a therapist who worked alongside the Public Eye in the year 2099.

She took particular interest in The Punisher, whom the Public Eye were trying to capture. She soon deduced that Jake Gallows, an officer of the Public Eye, was in fact The Punisher.

When she confronted Gallows, he initially managed to convince Kerry she was mistaken. However, it wasn't long before Jake opened up to her and showed her his prison for criminals. Kerry found herself incredibly attracted to his "Punisher" side, and the two pursued an intense relationship together.

Jake soon flirted with the idea of giving up being the Punisher to spend his life with Kerry. However, the Fearmaster deduced that Kerry knew who the Punisher was and captured her. She gave her life to keep the Punisher's real identity secret. Her death made Jake even more certain that he needed to serve justice as The Punisher.

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