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    Kerra was born on the watery planet Aquilaris to a mother and father. When she was still young, the Sith invaded her planet and she was forced to leave with Jedi Master Vannar Treece. She would study the ways of the Force alongside him and help him out on his missions until she became a fully fledged Jedi Knight. After Master Treece's death, she took it upon herself to complete missions like his throughout Sith space, saving groups of children and doing her best to prevent the Sith from gaining more power.

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    Kerra Holt was the daughter of skin diver and archaeologist Aron and Mercia Holt and was born on the planet Aquilaris. When she was young, her planet was invaded by the Sith Lord Odion and separated from her parents, who she believed to be dead. Heading back to her house in hopes of finding them, Kerra finds Jedi Master Vannar Treece, who takes her off planet and rescues her. She would be found to be Force sensitive and train under Treece to become a Jedi and learn the ways of the Force. She would work with Treece and be a major help to her Master, learning to outfit his teams with equipment, schedule traveling assignments, helping to raise funds, all the while undergoing and completing her Jedi training. When she had shown the necessary skills, she was promoted to a Jedi Knight and opted to help her former Maser in his missions in Sith controlled space.


    Kerra Holt was created by John Jackson Miller.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sabotage on Chelloa

    After she passed her Jedi trials, Kerra chose to travel with her former Maser instead of staying in Republic space. Now traveling with and working with Treece, she is informed from one of their other companions that Sith Lord Daiman has built large factories and is employing slaves on the planet Chelloa in baradium mines. Baradium is the main component in many weapons, most notably thermal detonators, and with the vast amounts he would have should he keep mining it would upset the balance of power in the system and allow for him to eventually challenge the Republic. Kerra joins a team of volunteers and travels to the planet intending to stop his factories and manufacturing plans. Once planetside, Kerra heads out to find Treece's contact that had gathered the miners in a group off to the south. Kerra finds them clustered together by enemy soldiers but makes quick work of them and frees the miners. On her way to regroup with the demolition team, she finds out Treece's informant was actually Gorlan Palladane, a long time friend of her Master's and one time relief worker.

    The destruction done by the Kinetic Corruptor.
    The destruction done by the Kinetic Corruptor.

    Treece then tasks her with helping the miners into the escape ships, but Kerra protests and she wants to help the demolition team sabotage Lord Daiman's factories, telling her former Master she studied the site from orbit and would be better suited with him. Treece disagrees and Kerra decides to honor his wish, helping minors into the ships and plans to use her knowledge to better help them. Before she can get everyone inside, though, Lord Odion appears with his forces and attacks the baradium factory. Kerra jumps in to engage the enemy but is again reminded to get the miners on the shop and take off. Believing she would be better off backing up her Master, she tells Palladane to complete her mission for her as she takes a lift car up onto the baradium factory. She notices that Odion has placed a Kinetic Corruptor on the factory, intending to detonate the massive machine where it is, and intends to destroy the Corruptor in order to save the miners and Jedi below. She is knocked out aside by the Sith Lord before she can accomplish this, though, and sent off on the same lift car that brought her up as Treece activates the detonators around the factory. However, as Odion's Corruptor goes off, Treece turns his back and is run through by the Sith Lord's lightsaber. The Corruptor destroys the factory and levels the surrounding area for miles, killing both Jedi and Odion forces alike. Kerra wakes up with a group of the miners kilometers away, where she is told by Palladane that she is now the last Jedi on Chelloa.

    As the last member of Master Treece's team on Chelloa, Kerra looks to help the burn victims from the explosion but soon has to hide her abilities when Lord Daiman makes his way to the scene. After unsuccessfully questioning the miners as to how his brother could have heard about his operations on Chelloa, Daiman sends them all off their town. Kerra rejects Palladane's offer of hiding among them in order to complete her mission and finish sabotaging Daiman's remaining factories. She's soon alerted to a loud alarm outside and finds that Daiman transported his Mobile Munitions factories to the baradium deposits due to the recent attacks. Palladane informed Kerra that with the factories moved right next to his town, Jenith, the miners would be in even more trouble because of the toxic runoffs. Kerra decides to attack Daiman directly, infiltrating his compound high above the city. She manages to get the drop on the Sith Lord and brings her lightsaber to his throat before he informs her that Odion is going to return, this time with even more Kinetic Corruptors. He tells her that Odion's mobile factory, The Spike, is building them for his war effort and that he plans to come back and finish what he started. Kerra knows the only reason the whole planet didn't erupt was because she had damaged the first Corruptor and chooses to take that station out instead, leaving Daiman in the night to find a ship.

    Fighting soldiers on Chelloa.
    Fighting soldiers on Chelloa.

    As she manages to slip onto Odion's station, Kerra runs into a service droid and resets his motivation center. As she starts asking him questions and trying to figure out how many Corruptors are being built, Lord Odion and his aid come down to discuss a message sent to them from Chelloa. The message informs them that the mining operations have been deactivated and that Chelloa is no longer a threat. Odion questions this message, because it was the same informant who had alerted him to Chelloa in the first place, but soon senses Kerra underneath his walkway and attacks her. Using her agility and speed, Kerra dodges his strikes and makes her way to the upper levels towards an exit, only to run into a large group of his guards. Evading even more blaster fire, Kerra comms GAD-3, the service droid from before, and orders him to open all the airlocks, allowing for her to escape to space while opening the station to vacuum, causing multiple explosions throughout. She hlds her breath long enough to hijack a ship, but in doing so she hears a message from Daiman to Odion. In it, he tells his brother than Palladane was the person who messaged him about Chelloa and that he was being tortured. Horrified, Kerra makes her way back to the planet to save her friend.

    High Stakes Rescue

    Back on Chelloa, Kerra makes her way to Jenith to find the city on fire and soldiers attacking the innocent citizens. After saving a small family, she is convinced to save the thousands of miners on the planet before stowing away on a transport to Daiman's compound. Killing the guards and informing the village leaders on board to take the shuttle to Arboth, Kerra finds Palladane inside and brings him back to Jenith. There she informs the villagers present that the transports that arrived earlier that day that was supposed to house workers for the factories were empty and that she planned to get all sixty thousand slave workers onto those transports and away from Chelloa and Daiman. Believing this was a plan he could get behind, Palladane brings out his lightsaber, as he was actually a Jedi, and plans to help Kerra.

    With a plan of action now, Kerra and Palladane set out to inform the other villages and prepare them to depart on the transports. As they are planning their escape, Lord Odion invades the planet with his forces, now intent on capturing the baradium deposits for himself. As his forces attack the Mobile Munitions factories, Daiman reveals that they hold his own Kinetic Corruptors and intends to use them against Odion's forces. As they try to retreat to the empty transports, they find them full of slave workers being led by Palladane and Kerra. The transports take off, leaving Odion's forces on the now dieing planet while Odion screams in outrage. He takes off with his jetpack onto a transport and intends to get his revenge on Kerra and Palladane for foiling his plans and being a thorn in his side.

    Kerra and Gorlan Palladane engage Lord Odion.
    Kerra and Gorlan Palladane engage Lord Odion.

    Kerra dodges Odion and pokes fun at his inability to maneuver in the jetpack in hopes of keeping his attention away from the slaves inside and hoping he'll somehow fall off the transport as it travels deeper into the atmosphere. As Odion gets closer to a hatch leading inside, Palladane emerges and fights the Sith Lord himself, telling Kerra to get inside while he finished off Odion. Knowing his time had come, Palladane grapples with Odion and drags him into the transport's thrusters, burning the Sith Lord off the ship and fatally injuring the Jedi, allowing Kerra and the slaves to make their escape. Palladane died in Kerra's arms, but not before telling her that there are thousands of people like his out in Sith space, all in need of her help.

    Sending A Message

    A few days later, Kerra would travel to the planet Nilash, a world in the Diamanate, Daiman's territory. Once there, she would scope out the munitions plant and ways to infiltrate it, intending to help complete the mission both Vanner Treece and now Gorlan Palladane had laid out for her. One night she manages to sneak inside and free all the Native slaves, stopping production of the plant and gaining the attention of Lord Daiman himself. With the slaves free, they melted back into their jungle habitats and on the way out, Kerra stole a special laser designed specifically to cut through cortosis, an alloy that is capable of defending against and shorting out lightsaber blades. With the laser, Kerra cut off the heads of 13 statues of Daiman, leaving them at the stastues' feet for Daiman to find. He knew it was Kerra because she had done the same thing on Chelloa before he had cortosis layered into his statues, and now knew she was serious and meant business.

    Return to Aquilaris

    Some time after the events at Chelloa, Kerra would roam Sith controlled space and monitor transmissions in order to find the next citizens that needed her help. One day as she was on monitor duty, she received a distress call from someone in the Seacropper's Guild on Aquilaris, her homeworld that she hadn't returned to since the attack that separated her from her parents years earlier. She hitched a ride on a food transport that brought her to the planet and with the element of surprise, she cut down the soldier's attempting to use it to leave and made her way to the Guild's building. Her plan was to evacuate the building's tenants as the planet was being attacked by Zodoh the Hutt and his forces, who have managed to weaponize vaporators into Stormdrivers, able to cause changes in weather plans and cause large bolts of lightning to strike. A lightning bolt crashes into the front of the building and almost takes out Kerra and her childhood friend Joad Kreel, but when Kerra attempts to rally the people inside to evacuate and leave the building, she find they don't have the motivation to do anything. Joad tells her that they all have become addicted to a new drug, deluge, that at first had boosted the effects of eating, making them full quicker, but eventually deprived them of all motivation to do anything other than take deluge. Kerra found out that the workers hadn't kept up maintenance of their submersibles in months which prevented them from escaping underwater to avoid the dangerous weather. Fed up, Kerra runs out on the docks and starts shooting at the Stormdriver with her blaster pistol, attempting to at least go out in an act of defiance in her final minutes. Not soon after, however, Devil Squadron, a volunteer fighter force from the Republic's Grace Command, entered the scene and destroyed the Stormdriver, causing the Hutt's forces to leave the planet for the time being.

    Kerra Holt, now a pilot in Devil Squadron.
    Kerra Holt, now a pilot in Devil Squadron.

    Kerra meets up with Devil Squadron's leader, Jenn Devaad, and is informed that her squadron paves the way for the Republic Fleet to come in behind them and offer food and medical supplies to those who need them. Devaad then asks Kerra if she would like to join her squadron, stating she couldn't think of anyone better suited to the empty position in her squadron than a Jedi. Ecstatic for the chance to team up with other individuals who where fighting the same fight as she was, Kerra eagerly accepted the position. Flying with the squad, Kerra would attack Lord Daiman's bases on the planet, freeing their slaves and pushing the Sith's forces from her homeworld. After a few days of these tactics, the Sith were finally pushed out of Aquilaris for the first time in ten years, much to Kerra's joy. After landing and unpacking their food crates and handing them out to each of the docks workers. As Devaad leaves to turn it in for a day, Kerra begs her to join Devil Squadron, telling her she always attempted to battle the Sith as a part of a cohesive team, not all alone and by herself, starting from scratch every mission. Devaad agrees and tells Kerra that the squadron is leaving the next day to escort and scout out Grace Command's next target.

    Before they can leave the system, the Squadron runs into a lone ship of Zodoh's and follow it around the far side of a gas giant next to Aquilaris. Devaad leads her squadron after the scout ship in an attempt to get revenge for being his slaves for five years in the past. Devil Squadron engages Zodoh's forces, who were hiding behind the gas giant, as he attempts to trap the Devil's between his forces and his ship. Kerra senses that this isn't his real trap, though, and informs Devaad, who orders Devil Squadron to jump to any near point they can to escape. Before they do so, however, Kerra is alerted to many incoming objects traveling through hyperspace to their location and sees a large group of Stormdrivers have now arrived. Zodoh reveals that he intends to wring every drop of water from Aquilaris' atmosphere and flood every landmass on the planet. Horrified by this revelation, Kerra ignores Devaad's order and leaves the squadron to return to the surface to evacuate the inhabitants and get them to safety. As soon as Kerra leaves, though, Zodoh captures Devaad and her squadron.

    Saving Her People

    When Kerra reached Aquilaris' capital city, she again tries to convince the people to act on their own and defend themselves, but receives the same results as before. After being told that the people don't have enough speeders to hold the citizens and the ones they do have aren't strong enough to hold together through the storms. She then finds submersibles in the water and wonders if they would work, allowing the people to survive the flooding inside of them. She finds out that her friend Joad also hasn't worked on these in ages and that it would take years for her to figure them out and fix them, when she only had a few hours ops. Striking out in frustration in their barracks with the Force, she manages to open one of the food crates that Devaad and her squadron had dropped off, which had a time lock on it and wouldn't open until a certain set time later. Inside, she finds deluge and realizes that Devaad and her squadron had willingly given the drug to the workers.

    She goes to confront Devaad then, as the pilot had recently made her way to the surface of the planet after bargaining with Zodoh to give him deluge in order to trade for her squadron's life, so that the Hutt could use it directly against the Sith. Devaad then tells Kerra that her squadron would give take deluge away and out of the Republic and drop it off with the Sith-controlled worlds they freed, knowing the Sith would return shortly after and conquer them again. With the drug now in the hands of the people of those worlds, they planned to destabilize the enemy's military ranks by getting them hooked on the drug and halting their advance into Republic space, but at the cost of getting the citizens of those planets hooked on the drug as well. Before Kerra can object to her actions anymore, water levels rise dangerously ans she knows she's running out of time. Leaving Devaad to return to Zodoh, Kerra plans to get as many of the citizens on top of her starfighter as possible and use it as a life raft to stay above water. She is unable to gab her friend Joad, though, as he jumps into the water, seemingly to his death. Unable to grieve for her friend just yet, she manages to gather up most of the citizens and travel to Tarrah Hill, the highest point on Aquilaris, in hopes of staying above the rising water levels. Suddenly, the Stormdrivers in the sky stop functioning which causes the storms to stop around the planet, relieving Kerra and the citizens for a brief time. The rains, however, didn't stop and caused the water levels to keep rising, but Kerra was out of room, both on the ground and on her ship, to save her people.

    Before the water could rise above Kerra and her people, Joad surfaced with the submersibles, as when he jumped into the water he swam down and managed to fix up the machines and bring them to the surface. With her old friend's help, Kerra was able to get her people into the submersibles and wait out the storm in safety.

    Stopping A Hutt

    Kerra and Jenn Devaad travel to Darknell.
    Kerra and Jenn Devaad travel to Darknell.

    The next morning, Jenn Devaad returns to the planet and informs Kerra that her crew was killed and that Zodoh plans to attack Darknell, a planet under control by Lord Daiman, and use his Stormdrivers to flood the planet in a show of power. Kerra knows that there are billions of innocent citizens on Darknell that don't deserve to be killed for living under Sith control and teams up with Devaad again to travel to the planet to stop the Hutt's plan. As the two make their way to the planet, Zodoh's machines have already started changing the weather patterns on the planet as Daiman's forces battle against Zodoh's in space. Devaad brings their ship in close to Zodoh's flagship and allows Kerra to slip out to fight the Hutt's forces. Devaad flies off to shoot down some of the Hutts' ships while Kerra fights her way through his ground forces in an attempt to reach the control room to shut down the Stormdrivers. Once she reaches the control room, she finds Zodoh prepared for battle, wielding an ax and equipped with a jetpack.

    Before Kerra can engage the Hutt, he turns the artificial gravity in the room off, causing Kerra and the control room workers to start floating in the air. With the aid of his jetpack, Zodoh is able to move about freely in the room and attack Kerra, but she's able to grab hold of a railing and dodge his attacks in time to grab her lightsaber to better defend herself. Before the fight can progress any further, Devaad crashes her ship into the room, exposing it to the effects of outer space. Using a Jedi technique to hold her breath, Kerra climbs back into the ship as Devaad blasts the control center, destroying the station and deactivating the Stormdrivers.

    The two make their way back to Aquilaris, where Devaad tells Kerra her new plan is to return to Grace Command and continue flying relief missions, but this time dumping deluge out of her ship in space and shipping refugees back to the Republic on her return trips. Kerra, who made peace with Devaad and helped her come up with her new mission, informs Joad that Aquilaris would become a major base for shipping refugees out of Sith controlled space and calls it "The Undersea Connection". Before the two women set off on their respective paths, Devaad gifts her starfighter to Kerra, allowing her to keep her Devil Squadron fighter and ensuring that she'll have transport wherever she goes.

    Working with the Sith

    Kerra reporting to Lord Daiman.
    Kerra reporting to Lord Daiman.

    After she left Aquilaris to delve deeper into Sith controlled space, Kerra would find out that Lord Odion's ultimate goal, other than the death or Lord Daiman, was the death of all sentient lives in the universe to quell his "affliction" in the Force. Kerra knew the deranged Sith Lord needed to be stopped at any costs, which included teaming up with his enemies. Much to her chagrin, she made contact with Lord Daiman and started "working" with him; he allows her to travel around his territory in an effort to root out Odion's supporters that are undercover in hopes of being recruited into Odion's forces and taken into his own territory. They devised a plan to single out one of Daiman's Collectors Wayman, who was actually working as a Claimer for Odion, and allow him to recruit the undercover Jedi. Kerra played the part of a citizen ready and willing to embrace her own death. When Wayman rescues her and informs her of Odion's Claimers, and as he marks her officially dead in the records, Wayman took his leave as Kerra reported to Daiman. Afterwards, she made her way off world and traveled to Odion's territory.

    As Kerra made her way into Lord Odion's Claimers, she adopted the name "Mercy" and began training and working with his Sith forces in an attempt ti get closer to the Sith Lord and also finding the fate of her parents. After a mission to Skarpos to fight against Lord Malakite, Kerra and her team of Novitiates are nominated to accompany Odion himself on a big assignment and is taken to his capital on the planet Jubalene.

    On Jubalene, Kerra learns that Lord Odion has been using slave workers' pain and despair to fuel his powers and that in his studies, he has discovered the Helm of Ieldis. This Helm gives power to its wearer and would bolster the Sith Lord's already considerable mental power and ability to make others crave destruction. As Odion took some of the novitiates with him to watch another display of his powers, Kerra stayed behind and activated a data console for information on her parents, whom she found out were part of Odion's research team that looked for the Helm. Amazingly enough, Kerra was part of the team of Novitiates that went to Sarrassia, the last known planet that the research team and her parents had been seen. Once she and her team landed on the planet, they joined the fray between Odion's forces and the local Grumani defending their home. After a short stint with her group and a small faction of defenders, Kerra's team is led by Yulan into a deep cave in an attempt to find any remainders of the research team or the Helm.

    Kerra with other Novitiates as Odion tells them about the Helm of Ieldis.
    Kerra with other Novitiates as Odion tells them about the Helm of Ieldis.

    As they make their way underground, Kerra senses the presence of her former caretaker, an alien named Zoojoo, and manages to ditch her team around a corner to continue her search alone. She finds a stone tablet and uses her family amulet to open a secret passage, leading her to a large cavern with a building sitting on the far side of a large lake. Entering the cavern, Kerra meets her caretaker and the two reminisce about the past and Holt's parents, and the Jedi eventually learns that her parent's survived the attack on her homeplanet years ago and had hidden the Helm inside that cavern, but had taken it offworld seven years prior. Just as she learned the Helm was taken to none other than Skarpos, Yulan and the other Novitiates discover the cavern, blowing up the entrance and sending Kerra and her caretaker into the lake. To prevent the Novitiates from accessing the information in the building and in an act to take out some of Odion's followers, Zoojoo activates a thermal detonator and brings the cavern down on the building, but unfortunately none of the Sith soldiers were harmed.

    With news that the Helm is on Skarpos but keeping it to herself, Kerra now convinces Yulan to travel back to Skarpos so that she could try to find her parents and keep the Helm away from Odion. However, Yulan makes a stop at the space station Vanahame before making his way to the planet. On the station, Kerra discovers that there are thousands of children locked in isolation bubbles deep under the surface. The reason for this was that children are especially vexing to Odion because of their presences in the Force, and Odion wanted all of the children in his territory to be placed in isolation where he couldn't sense them. Vowing to free them somehow, Kerra leaves with Yulan and the team to Skarpos, hoping to find the Helm before anyone else and reconnecting with her parents.

    Bringing Down Odion

    On Skarpos, Yulan's plan wasn't going as smoothly as he had hoped, and his Novitiates were pinned down on ground level by Lord Malekite's forces and the newly arrived Lord Daiman. With Daiman and his forces raining down fire from above and Malekite's mutated followers all around, the three armies engage in a deadly fight, leaving an opening for Kerra and her team to board a skiff and take it to the top of a cliff, where they had noticed an opening. Defending from blaster bolts and claws, the Novitiates are able to draw near the cave entrance, but it was at this time Kerra chose to reveal herself as a Jedi, throwing her red lightsaber into the skiff's engine and bringing out her green one. She finds the same type of stonework near the entrance that she found earlier with Zoojoo, and so enters inside with the hopes of finding her parents, but is knocked down by Lord Odion's Force Lightning, revealing that he had known all along that she was a spy and had secretly used her to find the Helm, which he now held in his hand.

    Now with the Helm in his possession, Odion takes the captured Kerra to the rest of his forces and prepares to try out the Helm's power. With Kerra in bracers, Odion is told by Yulan that they have found the chamber where Kerra's parents and team were located and subsequently trapped by bombings. Yulan shows Odion a locket he found with two human skeletons inside the chamber, and Kerra is devastated to learn that the locket matches one that her mom had. Using her despair, Odion channels his Force powers through the Helm to make Lord Malekite's followers turn on and try to beat each other to death. Excited about the power of the Helm, Odion uses it to turn all of Malekite's forces against each other.

    Kerra confronted by Odion.
    Kerra confronted by Odion.

    After Malekite's forces defeat themselves and Odion takes over Skarpos, Kerra is shuttled off the planet and taken back to Vanahame. On the way there, Kerra is visited by Yulan and shown a recording of her parents. Once the recording is finished, Kerra is taken to Odion's throne on the station and finds out that with the anguish of the thousands of isolated children on the station, Odion would be granted seemingly unlimited power. With Kerra chained up behind him, Odion orders his servants to turn off the lights in the children's chambers. Since they had never seen night before and became even more distressed and afraid, empowering Odion even further. With this new power Odion causes mass havoc around his territories, making citizens on dozens of different planets turn against and fight each other, including the Sith forces on Vanahame. Kerra pleads with Yulan to go to the under levels and turn the lights back on or else Odion would kill countless innocent lives. She tells him that all life is sacred and meaningful, including the lives of his own children who had died years ago. Her words get through to him, and Yulan leaves to the under levels just as Kerra manages to break free of her restraints and attempt to take out Odion herself.

    Before she can reach him, though, Wayman jumps in and the two duel as Odion prepares to end all life throughout his territory to rid himself of his headaches. Just as Wayman is about to land a finishing blow on Kerra, Odion doubles over and winces in pain, causing Wayman to become distracted long enough for Kerra to run her lightsaber through his chest. Opening a channel to his servants, Odion realizes that the lights are back on in the children's chambers. As soon as Kerra noticed this, she told Yulan to activate the release switch, opening the children's chambers and setting them free. The combined joy from the children overwhelms Odion and his power turns on him, eventually burning him out and ending his life.

    With the children free, Kerra and Yulan take the children off the station to another planet and arrange their transport back to the Republic. Kerra tells Yulan that she intends to search through the records and learn of all the orphans' parents. The two depart as now friends, as Yulan takes large transports filled with the children back to Republic space as Kerra keeps the holorecording of her parents with her throughout the rest of her journeys.

    Personality and Traits

    Kerra Holt wasn't your average Jedi, and part of it had to do with the fact that she was an eighteen year old woman stranded by herself in enemy controlled space. She took pride in the fact that she was a Jedi and had extensive training in how to fight, and sometimes this tendency tended to get her in trouble. On Chelloa, she was chastised by Gorlan Palladane for wanting to rush in, lightsaber swinging in an attempt to take down Lord Daiman, unbeknownst to her that Daiman would retaliate against the local miners if she did. Despite this, she was a very caring person and often put her life on the line to help the less fortunate and those who could not defend themselves. During her time working with her Master Vanner Treece, Kerra volunteered to help supply and fit his team as they performed hit-and-run and mercy missions into Sith-controlled space and was more than willing to make aggressive stands against the Sith and their forces. She found value in all life, and took great risks to rescue both citizens on Aquilaris and Darknell, the latter being Lord Daiman's capital world, as stormdrivers threatened to flood both planets and kill several innocent people.

    When she was undercover as a Sith in Odion's Novitiates, she always tried to find the most peaceful resolutions to engagements, warning fellow Novitiates of traps and even saving her "enemies" from the killing stroke of her Sith companions. She was a very responsible Jedi, opting to save hundreds of children on two different occasions and even chose to leave the children in the care of a Sith Lord because she believed that would be best for them. She wanted to be part of a team, though, and practically begged pilot Jenn Devaad to allow her to join her fighter squad, telling her she was tired of doing everything herself and starting from scratch every time she began a new mission.

    Lightsaber and Martial Skill

    Kerra Holt was an accomplished fighter and wasn't shy about using her lightsaber to solve problems for her. Based on her fights and preferences, she was a very prolific user of Form I: Shii-Cho, the Form V variant Shien, and Form IV: Ataru. By her own admission, she performs better when she doesn't have to worry about fancy lightsaber techniques and is free to fight free-form, allowing for her to become "unpredictable", which is one of components of the Form when it's taken to its highest degree. With this, Kerra has defeated security forces wielding energy batons on Byllura and Syned and saw success even though some of these security forces wore sashes that were resistant to her lightsaber and made it harder for her to pull it out after a stab.

    Kerra with her signature lightsaber and blaster pistol.
    Kerra with her signature lightsaber and blaster pistol.

    When she was facing blaster wielding opponents, she relied on her Shien abilities to deflect blaster bolts as she's been seen using the form's unique reverse grip, as well as defend against a corridor of blaster wielding opponents on Zodoh the Hutt's ship while cutting through them as well. She's also utilized the "Shien Deflection" technique where a user deflects a blaster bolt back at its sender, as she was able to defeat a speeder bike riding opponent by knocking him off his mount with his own blaster bolt.

    Her most proficient Form is definitely Ataru, as its the Form that incorporates the most physical moves, be it jumps, kicks, or leaps, and Kerra has displayed these in nearly every one of her fights. She's been described as an amazing leaper, has leaped around the Krevaaki Saaj Calician in order to keep him off balance, jumped onto a speeder bike to disable it with her lightsaber, followed up parries and deflections with kicks, and leaped to dodge lightsaber strikes from Sith Lords Odion and Arkadia. In accordance with her skill in Ataru, Kerra was a accomplished unarmed combatant as well, her skill allowing her to defeat one of Lord Odion's soldiers in a matter of seconds as well as get the upper hand of Lord Daiman in a short encounter in his private chambers.

    She was similarly skilled in using a blaster pistol, using one in conjunction with her lightsaber to defeat Sith forces on Syned.


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