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    Country located in eastern Africa.

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    Kenya is a former British colony which achieved independance in 1963. In comparison to other African states, Kenya has been mostly stable since independance. Three Presidents have succeeded each other since 1964, none has been deposed or assassinated. However the Presidents have held excessive influence over the state, almost being non-military dictators. Liberalization reforms started in 1992 and are still ongoing.

    Kenya is a major sight of anthropologic research due to the findings of Homo habilis and Homo erectus remains on its area. They were two species ancestral to modern humans. Habilis was the first human species known to have used primitive stone tools, about 2 million years ago. (21st century findings found even older hominid species which apparently used stone tools. Uncertain if habilis simply inherited their "technology). Erectus was the first hominid to migrate outside Africa. Variations in findings around the Old World indicate its geographic distribution may have helped in the evolution of various subspecies of it, occassionaly with great differences between them.

    Kenya's capital and largest city is Nairobi. The state borders Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania.

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