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    The family that adopted Superman when his rocket crashed on Earth. After Ma and Pa Kent passed away, Clark is now the head of the Kent family, with his own wife and son.

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    The Kent family speaks to the fatherly family line of Jonathan Kent. The family's roots go back similar to sixth century England, when Sir Brian Kent took part in a few enterprises under the nom de plume Silent Knight. On no less than one event, he met a time-traveling Superman and it has been proposed that Sir Brian may have been the ancestor of the Kent family line. The immediate family line of Jonathan Kent is followed as far back as the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century. The American Kents initially hailed from Boston, Massachusetts where print-shop proprietor Silas Kent lived with his significant other Abigail. The two sired eight kids, every one of whom were conceived in the Kent's Boston home. In 1854, Silas Kent joined the Emigrant Aid Society and chose to migrate his printing press to Lawrence, Kansas to advance his abolitionist standards. He brought his two most seasoned children, Nate and Jeb alongside him and they landed in Lawrence in the late spring of 1854.


    Jonathan Kent (Jon Kent, Superboy)

    Superboy (Jonathan "Jon" Kent) is the son of Superman (Kal-El, Clark Kent) and Lois Lane. He lived on the family farm before the three moved to Metropolis. Jon has often teamed up with his father and with Damian Wayne to do superhero business. In Future State, he took over the mantle of Superman, before passing it down to his children and other descendants in the future.

    Lois Lane-Kent

    Lois Lane-Kent is a gifted reporter at the Daily Planet, the wife of Superman (Kal-El, Clark Kent), and the mother of Superboy (Jonathan "Jon" Kent). On various occasions, she has fought alongside her family. Lois married into the Kent family and is Superman's best partner.

    Superman (Kal-El, Clark Kent)

    Superman (Kal-El, Clark Kent) is DC's first superhero. He is Martha and Jonathan Kent's adopted son, the husband of Lois Lane, and the father of Superboy (Jonathan "Jon" Kent). He arrived to Earth as a refugee from the now-destroyed planet Krypton and was adopted Martha and Jon. Superman is one of DC's greatest heroes and, as Clark Kent, is a reporter at the Daily Planet.

    Jonathan Kent

    Jonathan Kent is Superman's (Kal-El, Clark Kent) adoptive father and is the husband of Martha Kent. He and his wife took in Clark when he had just arrived on Earth. After his passing, Clark and his wife Lois named their son after him.

    Martha Kent

    Martha Kent is Superman's (Kal-El, Clark Kent) adoptive mother and is the wife of Jonathan Kent. She and her husband took in Clark when he had just arrived on Earth.

    Alternate Versions

    Future State

    In Future State, the Kent family is composed of Rowan and Ronan Kent, Superman's (Jonathan "Jon" Kent) children. There is also Brandon Kent and his daughter Theand'r Ban-El. Pyrrhos is Superman's (Kal-El, Clark Kent) son.


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