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Manga Biography

Volume 2

He is a friend of Toji Suzuhara’s and tries to calm him down when he confront Shinji over the hospitalisation of his younger sister. He expresses worry when Toji decks Shinji and tries to talk him out of a fight. When Toji bumps into Shinji again later, Kensuke continues in trying to stop his friend from fighting and fails. The only reason why the pair don’t fight is because Rei Ayanami intervened.

While in a shelter during an attack by the Fourth Angel, Kensuke expresses disappointment that the battle is being censored. Together with Toji he plans to sneak out and watch it for himself. He is delighted to see the angel when it appears and believes that Shinji is just getting warmed up when he starts off poorly. He is almost squashed when the Eva is thrown into the hills. With Toji, Kensuke is called into the Eva so that Shinji can finish the angel off without worrying about them.

Later, after Shinji runs away, Kensuke’s the first to notice that Toji’s hatred for him has dissipated. Kensuke suggests he ask Ayanami about Shinji, and after Toji tells him she makes him nervous Kensuke admits to feeling the same. Later, Shinji stumbles upon Kensuke’s tent in the hills where he plays war games. Whilst there he admits to Shinji he’d love to pilot the Eva himself. With Toji, he visits Misato’s apartment while looking for Shinji. He mentions that Shinji must have been deliberately disobeying her during the battle and Misato runs off.

Volume 3

He is present alongside Toji when Shinji declines to punch him. Later, he and Toji were attempting to get a sneak peek at the Evangelion units just prior to the Mt Futago battle against the Fifth Angel.

Volume 4

Kensuke is seen with Toji when Rei talks to Shinji briefly. While Toji tries to figure out what’s gone on between the two pilots, Kensuke merely moans about Shinji’s luck with women. After spotting Asuka playing at a game, he tries to get a look at her panties. When she kicks the machine in frustration he only wishes that a girl like her would order him around.

Volume 5

He and Toji are with Shinji again and he is complaining about how his mid-terms are coming up. They decide to discuss plans on how to study at Shinji’s place, if only so they can see Misato. He’s upset that Asuka had to move in with Shinji, and ecstatic at realising Misato’s been promoted to a Major, calling for a celebration for both of these events. Kensuke is later held back at school by Hikari, to clean up the classroom.

Volume 6

When Toji goes to the hospital to see his sister, Kensuke tells Shinji that the injury is very touch-and-go. He tells Shinji that he and Toji have been friends for a long time. Later he tells Shinji that Eva 03 is being transported to and asks if he could mention his name to Misato as a potential pilot. Wondering about who the actual pilot is, he suggests Toji but immediately laughs it off.

Volume 9

Kensuke returns, playing with a model aircraft. He seems to know that Toji is dead, and upon seeing Kaworu outside the school he feels uneasy.


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