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    Kensei Mugurama is a Vizard and former 9th Division Captain of the Gotei 13. His zanpakuto is called Tachikaze.

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    General Information

    Birthday: July 30
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Gray
    Race: Shinigami



     He is a muscular man of average height. He has gray hair and brown eyes. He has piercings on his left eyebrow and left ear. He wears a dark purple sleeveless shirt, green cargo pants, orange fingerless gloves and combat boots. Kensei has the number 69 tattooed on his chest. The number represents his name and his former division.


    Kensei is portrayed as a serious and disciplined individual. He is greatly irritated by immaturity, especially by Mashiro's childish behavior. he once noted that she has the ability to irritate him while she is asleep. He is shown to be temperamental and easily annoyed. He is aggressive in combat and does not hold back when fighting an opponent. Kensei is at times shown to be a caring individual, especially towards Mashiro and Hisagi.

    Turn back the Pendulum

    Approximately 110 years ago, Kensei was the captain of the with Mashiro serving as his lieutenant.  One night Kensei and a few of his squad including Mashiro are sent to investigate strange murders that had been occurring in Rukongai. Mashiro is constantly whining and Kensei physically restrains her. Kensei is then alerted by a Hollow attack, he and his squad engage the hollow in battle.

    Kensei releases his shikai and attacks the hollow which completely obliterates the hollow. He notices a small boy on the ground near him and tries to cheer the crying boy up. He asks the boy his name and the boy tells him that he is Shuhei Hisagi whose family had apparently been killed by a giant hollow. Kensei and his squad then discover the clothing of the missing members, he decides to camp out in order to further investigate.

    Later that night while they're resting in the tent they hear a scream, which causes them to run out assess the situation, to see all his men dead on the ground. he sees the killer and knows who it is It's none other than Kaname Tosen who had betrayed Kensei in order to follow Aizen. Sometime later a team of various captains and lieutenants are sent to investigate the disappearance of Kensei's squad. When they arrive they are attacked by two hollows. After battling the hollows for a while, they discover the Hollows are actually Kensei and Mashiro.

    With the arrival of Hachi of the Kido Corps, they manage to bind and hold Kensei and Mashiro. The investigation team gathers after the fight and talk about the situation. It within that moment Hiyori starts coughing and becomes Hollowfied herself. It is then they are attacked by Aizen, Gin and Tosen.

    All the members of the investigation squad have been used as a guinea pig for Aizen. He had tested the Hogyoku on the captains and lieutenants.
     Kensei as a partial Hollow
     Kensei as a partial Hollow

    He plans to use the Hogyoku to become an almighty being. The rest of the team start to hollowfy and they pass out. After that Urahara and Tessai find them and bring them to his lab.
    The next day Urahara, Tessai and all members of apprehended by the Gotei 13. The members of the investigation ought to be executed, but before that could happen, Yoruichi gets them out and brings them to an underground hidden lair. After that Urahara, Tessai, and the eight victims escape to the real world, where they would find a way to undo the Hollowfication process

    Arrancar Arc

    Once Kurosaki Ichigo arrives at the Vizards' base to learn and control his inner hollow. Kensei makes his first appearance. Kensei comments that Ichigo is too scared to learn to control his inner hollow and even going as far to reference his as a "punk" during Ichigo's fight with Shinji. 
    Kensei is next seen fighting Ichigo in his Hollow form, during the fight Kensei shows his shikai and fires a blast from it. The battle is long and Kensei has to put  a lot of effort in controlling Ichigo. During the fight he notes that Ichigo heals and hollowfies faster than expected. He switches out with Love Aikawa.

    Fake Karakura Town Arc

    He is then seen with the rest of the Vizard arriving at the fake Karakura Town, intercepting Aizen, Gin, and Tōsen's release from Yamamoto's fire prison. When Shinji asks his fellow Vizard if they have anyone in the Gotei 13 whom they want to speak to, Kensei states that he doesn't care. All Vizards don their masks and battle the Gillians. In his battle against the Menos, Kensei brings down scores of them in hand-to-hand combat. After killing the last Gillian, Mashiro complains that she wanted to take the last one, to which Kensei tells her shut up as he is giving her a big one so she should quit complaining.

    While Mashiro's attention is diverted, Wonderweiss awakens, prompting Kensei to yell at her trying to catch her attention. She tells Kensei not to worry. She overestimates her abilities and underestimates that of her opponent. She states that she can keep her mask on for 15 hours and thus she can keep her mask on all night. Wonderweiss and Mashiro engage in battle but the Arrancar quickly gains the upper hand when her Hollow mask shatters and falls apart. Wonderweiss takes the opportunity to attack landing brutal punches to Mashiro's face, but before he can continue his hand is stopped by Kensei,  who has an unconscious Mashiro in his other arm. 
     Kensei's Bankai
     Kensei's Bankai
    He prepares for battle against Wonderweiss. He then throws Wonderweiss sending him flying. Kensei sets down on a nearby building and lays Mashiro down, and she weakly asks if he was going to avenge her as she tries to smile. He looks down at her asks her what she is smiling at, noting she is a dumb ass for ending up the way she is and how she could have avoided if she had listened to his warnings. He then takes his Shikai out of his pants pocket and states that he is going to give that annoying little kid a taste of his fists, not to avenge Mashiro, but instead because the brat got above himself. As Wonderweiss approaches him, Kensei releases his Bankai and the two battle resulting in a huge explosion.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a former captain, Kensei possesses powers and abilities.
    • Master Swordsmanship.
    • Immense Spiritual Power.
    • Hakuda Master: Kensei is shown to be a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He often engages his enemies with his fists, despite his impressive skills with a sword. He has also been shown to use his hand-to-hand and swordsmanship skills in unison while he is in combat.
    • Shunpo Expert.
    • Enhanced Strength.
    • Enhanced Speed.
    • Enhanced Durabilty.

     Tachikaze in shikai form
     Tachikaze in shikai form


    Tachikaze (lit Earth-Severing Wind): When sealed, it is shown as a short katana with a rectangular guard in an 'H' shape and white hilt weaving.

    • Shikai:  It's release command is Blow Away. It then transforms into a survival/combat knife with a black guard and small ring on the hilt's blunt edge. His shikai allows him to manipulate wind and energy. His Shikai special abilities can create air blades and energy blasts.
    • Bankai: Tekken Tachikaze (lit Iron Fist Earth-Severing Wind): Tekken Tachikaze transforms from a single combat knife to a pair of large knuckle blades that he holds in each hand. Each blade has a silver edge along the outer edge
      No Caption Provided
      of the blade, tapering off into an outward point on both sides. A single segmented band wraps itself upwards around each of his arms, much like armor, extending up into an arch behind him. Two small flat protrusions appear beneath his shoulders.

    Hollow Powers:

    • Because Kensei is partially Hollow, he can don a mask which gives him powers similar to Hollows. His strength, speed and durability are enhanced.

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