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    Kenny McCormick is a fictional character from the popular animated television show South Park.

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    General Information

    • Birthday: March 22
    • Age: 10
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Religion: Roman Catholic


    Kenny is usually seen wearing an orange parka (that covers most of his face and muffles his speech), orange pants, brown gloves and black shoes. He is physically about the same size as all the other boys, except Eric Cartman.


    Kenny is the sexual expert of the group. He is the most experienced and knowledgeable of the boys when it come to sex.His sexual knowledge may have been obtained from his parents or the pornographic material which he possesses. Kenny is also known to have the most vile mouth in the group, as he mostly swears heavily in his dialogue. His speech is always muffled due to his parka, but the other boys have no problem understanding what he says. He is a major fan of Monster trucks and he even has a large poster of one in his room. Kenny normally appears blank-faced as a result of his parka hood, but he does get visibly emotional from time to time. He also seems to be immortal.


    Kenny is one of four of the main characters from South Park. On a daily basis he affiliates mainly with his 3 other friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Brovlovski & Eric Cartman. Kenny is considered to be of the lower-middle class standard, or as his friend Eric likes to put it, he is "dirt poor". Kenny is thought to be the more knowledgeable in the group when it comes to matters relating to sex, the other children would often ask him question about it when consulting the matter.

    Kenny's parents are Carol and Stuart McCormick, thought to be alcoholics and possible drug addicts, they constant fight and argue over matters that don't seem worthy. Kenny has two siblings whom do not feature often in the series, brother Kevin and sister Karen.

    Predominantly in the first five seasons of South Park, Kenny would die at some point in almost every episode. The rate in which he would die slowly decreased as the seasons progressed until he was written out of the series and permanently killed off in the South Park full feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. This would mark the beginning of a new era for South Park, as the 3 protagonists ventured to replace Kenny with their new friend.

    It was not long before Kenny was resurrected, due to Eric Cartman mistaking his ashes for chocolate milkshake mix. Cartman drinks the ashes and then has Kenny's spirit distilled inside of him. The 4 boys and their school chef 'Chef' then go to Scotland, where they meet Chef's parents. Chef's mother is said to be some sort of witch doctor and performs a ceremonial exorcism to release Kenny's spirit from Cartman's body.

    Predominately after Kenny's death, which would often be a comically gruesome one, Stan & Kyle would exclaim "Oh my god! They/He/She/You killed Kenny!" "You bastards". These phrases became widely known around the world, as they were repeated episodically.

    Kenny as Mysterion
    Kenny as Mysterion

    Kenny at times takes on a crime-fighting vigilante super-hero by the name of Mysterion. For the first few episodes in which he appears, no one knows it is Kenny, until it is revealed that Kenny is Mysterion and is said to be 'immortal'. Because Kenny comes back in the next episode after dying the previous one, he (as Mysterion) explains that everyday he dies and every morning he wakes up in his bed like nothing had happened. No one remembers his death except him. Kenny now seems apathetic to his inability to die, and he now considers his deaths nothing more than a minor inconvenience.


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