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    Character » Kenneth Irons appears in 93 issues.

    Kenneth Irons is a shrewd businessman and the richest man in the world. He stops at nothing to gain the Witchblade, which usually results in some unfortunate deaths.

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    The Past

    It is revealed that Kenneth Irons along with his son Gerard Irons, Sir Renaud de Gaudin and one unnamed man sought out the Holy Grail during The Third Crusade. They all received eternal life, however Ranaud was deformed as he drank from the cup.

    When Kenneth has already stared his fixation with the Witchblade, he was spotted near Josephine Valmont, one of the bearers in 1898, Paris.

    When the Witchblade was lost, it was he who unearthed it in Greece, He tried to wield it, but that cost him his hand, after studding it further, he found a way to control it. First who tried the new way was his own wife Dannette Boucher, the Witchblade still refused to bond with her, but left behind a portion of itself. Kenneth was few steps closer to wielding it himself.


    Kenneth Irons is a shrewd businessman in New York City. Touted as fortune magazine's "Entrepeneur of the Year" Irons used his intelligent acumen and cutthroat ethics to enable his pet project Irons International to attain status as a fortune 500 company in no time. But Iron's "Entrepeneurial Spirit" didn't stop there. If you include his exploits in drug trafficking, prostitution, slavery and weapons' production into Irons International gross earnings. He'd officially be one of the ten richest men in the world.

    He is almost always accompanied by his bodyguard and right hand man, Ian Nottingham. While he shows the facade of a benevolent and caring person to the outside world, behind the privacy of close doors he is involved in some shady business dealings which include prostitution, drug trafficking, and other criminal activity.

    He has had a long obsession with the Witchblade trying to attain it's powers to wield for his own purpose. His interest in the Witchblade began in the 19th century during an archaeological dig. During this dig, he discovered the Witchblade and began to research it to the point of obsession. He learned everything he could about the artifact, finding and attaining any ancient literature or artifact that dealt directly with Witchblade.

    In the modern era, we find him holding a competition at the old Rialto Theater where many prominent (albeit sleazy) business men join to see if they could possess the power of the Witchblade. Unfortunately for the guests the untimely arrival of NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini halts the competition and a shoot-out ensues when her partner is discovered. As Sara lays dying the Witchblade calls out to her and binds to her and they become one, killing everyone in the building. Kenneth watches in the distance and knows he's finally found the person he'd been searching for.

    He makes Ian go through an ancient ritual which involved Ian's body being pierced as a means to siphon to Witchblade's power to himself.

    After formulating a plan, we find him seeking out Sara and finds her at a local gym working out. After a few exchanges of words, he manages to ensnare her and gives her his phone number. As Sara leaves the gym she is ambushed by several men who pull up in a limo and take her away.

    Later on we find Sara and the men who took her along Ellis island after she escaped. As she fights her assailants we see Ian appear for the first time and fight her, while toying with her. Unfortunately for Ken, his plans didn't go as planned and he was forced to intervene. Giving her his jacket and telling her to go before she realized that his presence was no coincidence. As a means for punishment for failing him in his task, Ken has Ian attached to a machine in his mansion.

    Sara appears at his Mansion where he shows her the history of the Witchblade. A room that was erected only for his obsession of the Witchblade, where Sara examines the countless paintings before going on her way.

    Days later, Sara appears in his company and they exchange words which later results in an invitation to a charity event hosted by Ken. While there, he's witness to one of Sara's NYPD friends and watches as both Sara and her friend exchange words. After they finish he speaks with Sara and tells her it's best she go. While Sara tries to explain her plight Kenneth takes it in stride, dismissing her continually, until Sara breaks down. He tells her that this had been his plan from the beginning. To break down to, put her in such a weakened state where he could get rid of her with minimal effort.

    A fight ensues between Sara and Kenneth, unfortunately the Witchblade's power are waning and we come to find out that Kenneth had also been siphoning it's powers. As Sara comes to accept her role as the wielder of the Witchblade she fights Ken to the end of a ledge from one of the top floor windows. There Sara reveals to Kenneth why he could never wield the Witchblade, because it's a weapon that only chooses women as it's wielder. After a final struggle we see Kenneth fall to his "death". But as always the villain never dies. And he comes back to Sara's life trying endlessly to get the Witchblade which he so dreamed of wielding.


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