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Kenji is the mechanic and techie for Raina’s band.   He’s a little on the distractible side but he still provides the spine, rhythm and support for the band.

When the Band first ran into Donna, Kenji was driving the car with Luke who were driving around and picking off monsters.   Donna and the other children were moved into his car as Rocky turned around to become a distraction so the others could escape.

As Donna tried to become accustomed to the Camp, Kenji tried to cheer her up with pancakes.   Once she realized that the food tasted so much better he tried to rant about how the food before tasted like corn, only to be stopped by Luke.   During Rocky’s funeral Kenji and Luke tried to cheer Donna up until Raina swept her away.

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The next morning the camp was attacked and Kenji helped fight off the Monsters so others could escape.   He pulled Donna away with him as they escaped into the caves.   He survived the attack along with a few others.   Along with Luke and Donna he decided to go after their missing members, including Raina, by storming the Monsters Citadel.   They all broke into the Citadel and found Raina and the other but the Gloom had already gotten them.   Donna managed to release them from the Gloom but before they escape a Veratu attacked.   Kenji tried to help the others escape but it impaled by the Veratu before the Band gets away.


Skills and Equipment


Kenji drives a blue and purple muscle car.   His car has bombs stashed in it for emergencies.   He also uses a keytar to fight off the monsters, which has extra functions such as being able to open locked doors, search for non-Gloom lifesigns, produce forcefields, track others and navigate.

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