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    Kenichi (けにち) is Usagi's childhood "playmate" who was always more of a rival than a friend.

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    Character Attributes

    • Caste: Samurai
    • Clan: Hikiji (previously Mifune)
    • Profession: Village Headman
    • Known Fighting Proficiencies: Kenjutsu
    • Preferred Weapon: Katana
    • Wife: Mariko
    • Anthropomorphic Identity: Rabbit


    Kenichi has had a relationship with Miyamoto Usagi since the two were young children. His back story has been revealed slowly over many issues. When we are introduced to Kenichi, his dislike of Usagi is prominent. They were trained together to be samurai and were in competition. He has married Usagi's childhood sweetheart Mariko, and the two have a son, Jotaro. Kenichi has become Magistrate (headman) of the village where all three grew up. Kenichi was given the job by Lord Hikiji, after the he had murdered the previous Magistrate, Usagi's father.

    Stan has not revealed much about the inspiration of this character, or his name. However, Kenichi is a very common Japanese male name, with different spellings and possible meanings.


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